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Glitching through the invisible walls[edit source]

Hey guys, I dunno if this has been discovered yet but there is an area directly west of the camp, on a ridge that allows you to glitch through that annoying invisible wall. From there you can explore unused areas of the Mojave. If you're game, it's possible to walk/run to and discover Fortification Hill and the Legate's Camp. Don't go there with Boone, or low Caesar's Legion reputation though, or you will be slaughtered by numerous Praetorian Guards and Veteran Legionaries. Will post pics at the exact glitching point when possible --Hydroforge 05:20, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

ncr ranger combat armor[edit source]

heyy man i need help i love fallout new vegas and im liked by the legion but shunned by the ncr,, now how can i get NCR RANGER COMBAT ARMOR without causing a big riot????!!!!! help me out get back to me as soon as possibe!!!

Redierection[edit source]

for some reason i get redirected from the page Ranger station bravo to another page called ranger station bravo? whtas that about