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Regenerate and Boosts or JUST Regenerates?

The detail description of Rebound (and the so-called Official Game Guide book) indicate that Rebound regenerates AP. They do not indicate that Rebound boosts AP (i.e., boosting the total AP points stored).

The first sentence of this article says, "Rebound's effects are similar to Jet, in that it boosts the player's AP level."

Is this true? Does Rebound BOTH regenerate and boost -- or does it ONLY regenerate.

The subsequent sentences regarding the benefit (and risk) of taking Jet WITH Rebound are true. Jet will boost the total AP points, and Rebound will speed the regeneration rate up to this temporary, increased AP level.

If it is true that Rebound does both in-and-of-itself -- then does the total AP points increase [stacking] if Jet is taken along with Rebound?

Well the only difference I encountered, is that it immediately adds some AP (an completely empty bar goes up a couple points), but then it rises with the standard refilling rate; checking the game files now: Regenerate AP for 60 Seconds, but according to the Wiki, it should modify the 'fActionPointsRestoreRate' per script, but IT DOESN'T do it. So end of discussion, it adds 5 AP FOR 60 SECONDS, and therefore just makes it possible to stack AP-Effects from Jet + Cherrybombs AND Rebound (for example) to make it 20+ more AP for the player. 19:30, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

How did this never get patched?? A half dozen patches and this chem remains as useless and broken as ever. Better off selling it whenever you pick it up; it doesn't do shit. 16:20, 27 June 2013 (UTC)