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Talk:Rock Creek caverns

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Can you get the car on the ledge to hit the King?

I was level 12, Hidden (Sneak 48), and used Lincoln's Repeater when I shot the car, ~15 times. But no matter how far away I was, I got a Caution, and the King started moving toward me. Maybe a silenced pistol will work here? Or maybe it's just impossible to kill the King with the falling car. He's only damaged about 20% by the explosion itself. -RedKnight7 07:18, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

possible random encounter

I do mean random not scripted. Behind the building immediatly to the south of the entrance there was an encounter between 2 raiders, both armed with missle launchers and 2 super mutant overlords (I was lvl 30), both armed with gatling lasers. I am unsure if this was a scripted random encounter or just a rare, actually random, encounter. The Overlords made short work of the raiders. Which is not surprising considering how far apart their lvls are but the raiders managed to do some damage. I cleaned up the 2 overlords and had myself 2 missle launchers and 2 gatling lasers. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this encounter or was it just the luck of the draw (thats like royal flush luck though)?


Level 12 this time around, sound similar encounter. 2 raiders like you described, but a supermutant master and brute, both with miniguns. Good haul.


Yeah I also encountered the same thing. With the Broken Steel DLC it's two Overlords and two Raiders, two gatling lasers and two rocket launchers respectively. Also, there is a small glitch nearby that is rather helpful for defeating the Overlords. You know how there are two buildings in that area, and in between them is the place where the Overlords are located. The westernmost building has a small area you can clip trough. On the south side of the building you can see the wall is divided in 4 sections, the westernmost section is not clipped so you can go trough it, "inside" the building. You can't actually shoot them from inside, but it's a good place to hide since they can't get in there. Be warned that if they walk to that section of the wall, even tho they can't get inside they can still shoot you trough that section if you are within range.


I'm the original poster, with 2 confirmations besides my own, should this even be added to the main page?


Main page says Talon Company Mercs, but in all my playthroughs it's been raiders every time. Can someone change this? --JohnnyVoodoo 01:36, September 11, 2009 (UTC)