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Talk:Safety Deposit Box

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No idea what's going on with this, I have a low Sneak because I'm playing on a high strength Energy and Guns build but I actually managed to find a Stealth Boy in the Sierra Madre that I kept to do this. It's my second time doing the DLC on the same character because I accidentaly saved over a data and had to start from the save I kept in the Abandoned Brotherhood Bunker.

But yeah, I leave the vault as soon as I can after speaking to Father Elijah (as in the actual vault part with all the trasure) I'm using the Assassin's suit with a Stealth Boy and a ¡La Fantoma!, which is my Sneak of 22 (lol) + 10 for the suit + 10 for the magazine + 100 for the Stealth Boy and a +75 Stealth Field. The whole journey from out of the vault and up the stairs to the door I'm Hidden, the entire time. But as soon as I get close to the door that your supposed to exit through the forcefield pops up and Elijah starts his diatribe and begins attacking. I just can't see what I'm doing wrong, I'd think it was my crappy Sneak if it wasn't for the fact I'm Hidden the entire time, even when the forcefield comes up and Father Elijah starts talking, I'm still hidden! :( Sorry for the babble but it's rather annoying me and I was hoping someone could give me some tips? --Lyco499 21:03, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

Naturaly as soon as I posted this I tried again and managed it first time, eugh lol. So er, nevermind! :D --Lyco499 21:11, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

From what I’ve read elsewhere using stealth boys has no effect on Father Elijah. He will still notice you. Which some people complain about, but it makes perfect sense to me. He's a former Brotherhood of Steal and he would be trained in stealth boy technology. Because he’s coming down there against his better judgment he’s obviously going to be alert to any suspicious activity on your part.
Stealth boys don’t make you invisible, just very hard to see to the unknowing observer. You can still notice Nightkin when they’re cloaked. Similar to Operation Anchorage in Fallout 3, once you knew to look for them the Chinese wearing the stealth armor were pretty easy to spot.
Don’t feel bad, it took me several tries too and I had a 96 sneak. One thing I found helpful was to close the vault door when I left. If I didn’t, once he noticed it was open and I wasn’t in there, he immediately set off the alarm despite the fact he didn’t see me. I would say using a stealth boy is just a waste, but with a sneak as low as yours, it might help some. ReapTheChaos 16:55, January 11, 2011 (UTC)