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Image request[edit source]

a high-res variant of the concept seen in youtu.be/D5esyZPt5Jo?t=5m24s will be appriacted --Pseudon2 (talk) 22:55, 22 June 2015 (UTC)

Collecting info[edit source]

I will remove this later, when the gathered info's part of articles. I haven't looked into the other articles, yet, only collecting while playing through.
  • Pip-boy is equipped always at 10.23.2287, 9:00 AM
  • Regarding the time one gets tired … well, that doesn't correspond with hunger and thirst, maybe here's a simple 24 hrs added.
Layout, starting at the bridge, moving up the road on the left, returning on the right…
  1. Mr. Russell, destroyed
  2. Hawthorne, drug dealer, ledger terminal, chemistry station
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Able
  4. unknown
  5. Sole Survivor
  6. unknown
  7. unknown
  8. destroyed
  9. destroyed
  10. unknown
  11. destroyed
  12. Ms. Rosa (widow, Red Rocket terminal) and Mr. Rosa jun., workshop
  13. destroyed
  14. cooking station
Missing (from 111 terminals)
  1. Mr. & Mrs. Callahan
  2. Mr. DiPietro
  3. Mr., Mrs. & Cindy Cofran
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Whitfield
  5. Nordhagen didn't make it (Overseer's terminal)
Missing (from below)
  1. Mr. Baker
  2. Mr. Jahani
Ledger Terminal
  1. Mr. DiPietro, Sanctuary Hills: doesn't buy
  2. Mr. Baker, Sanctuary Hills: Daytripper
  3. Ms. Rosa, Sanctuary Hills: Buffout
  4. Mr. Jahani, Sanctuary Hills: Psycho
  5. Russells, Sanctuary Hills: X-Cell
  6. Mr. O'Keefe, Concord: Daddy-O
  7. Williams, Concord: Med-X
  8. Miss Anders, Concord: Blood packs
  9. Mr. Isaacs, Boston: Daytripper, X-Cell, Mentats
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Ward, Boston: Daytripper
  11. Mr. McDermott, Boston: Buffout
  12. Mrs. Sepulsky, Boston: Daddy-O
  13. Malcolm, Charlestown: Med-X (potentially)
  14. Mrs. Duchesne, Braintree: Stimpaks
Additional info
  • Ledger terminal > Sanctuary Hills > JahaniPsycho: "I'm not sure the stuff even exists." – Important for psycho history.
  • In same terminal some background info about all mentioned people. Use it there.
  • Preston Garvey holds for a moment at the statue (on their way from the Museum of Freedom) and notes: "Well I'll be damned. It's the monument to the original Minutemen. I knew that was somewhere around Concord. That means this right here must be the Old North Bridge. Where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired."[1]