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Does that guy have any trips outside rivet in his AI? I was following Mr Crowley to see where he went, got a bit south of Evergreen Mills, Crowley stopped, Shrapnel ran up to him and walked away.

Scripted or is the Radient AI still on the same standard of glitchinness as Oblivion.

Are there any quests related to him? I wanted to kill for his shop key, as well as me murdering everything I came across fitting how I was playing, and he was unkillable.

Dirk Gently 07:00, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

He's not killable, and i'm not sure why. I was an old save and went on a Rivet City Killing spree. I could kill everyone except Harkness and Shrapnel. Harkness is obvious, but Shrapnel is still a mystery. It's not because he runs a shop, because I was able to kill the other shop owners. I wanted his key to loot the shop, because I had accidentaly forgot to take Flak's key when I went to mezz him.

He can be also killable by using a console commands on the PC by typing: setessential 156B4 0 or download the Essential No More mod or edit the NPC in the GECK and un-check the essential and make Shrapnel dead, try it, but it also causing to screw up the entire main quest and making it the quest uncompletable, so use it at your own risk.

Backspace-Yao-Guai 16:25, 7 July 2009 (UTC)


Go on; try to deny that Flak and Shrapnel are a gay couple. I admit I've never been inside their digs in Rivet City so it is possible they sleep in separate bunks but I have one answer to that; Fred and Wilma Flintstone baby, Fred and Wilma.-- 06:04, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

Gay or not, does it matter or belong on the article?
Yes they sleep in separate beds. No it doesn't belong.

Some closet-case is still editing the articles to say they are gay lovers.

...Wait what? Since when are they gay lovers? This is the first I'm hearing. Schizmoooo 17:56, 15 November 2008 (UTC)

Some people think it is tremendously important to point out their observations. I'm not sure why exactly. Does this mean we need to go and positively ID all the heterosexual couples as well? I'd rather people spent more time collecting data about the Strictly Business glitchiness personally. --Trithemius 12:10, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

I'd just leave it as "partner" (which can mean not only lover but also business partner, which they are). Them being a gay couple is only implied in the game, not explicit, so I don't think it should be explicitly stated here either. Ausir 17:23, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

Agreed. And everyone should keep the politics out of it. Unless it is explicitly said in game, keep it off the wiki. Rydiak 08:58, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

I'm still baffled as to why people care so much. Yes, they're gay. That doesn't mean we need to shout it from the rooftops. As far as I'm concerned, if they don't flaunt it, why should we? Leave it open for interpretation by the player. Is there anything we can do to stop this from spiraling out of control? Schizmoooo 23:13, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

I don't want to get involved with the argument but I thought I'd bring this to light for everyone's consideration: when getting credit for enslaving Flak in Paradise city, one of the 'success' speeches you can be given is "How the hell did you get old queen Flak into that collar?" --Kayleedn

I don't think the issue in in question, for me it was the manner in which it is (or was) discussed on the page. Some people feel the need to be a bit silly about this sort of thing for some reason. Still annoyed about the glitchiness though! ;) Trithemius 13:09, 17 November 2008 (UTC)

Can I just say that I posted the original comment on whether Flak and Shrapnel was gay thinking it was just a minor observation which might amuse others (I may have been drunk at the time- I drink a lot to numb the pain). So, all this time later I return to find; well- all of this. I think it is relevant- there's lesbianism in this game and everyone comments on that, but whenever male homosexuality raises it's head some people seem to get scared and defensive (now *there's* a comment calculated to get a response!) I have no real happiness in life and existence for me has no intrinsic worth (hence the fact that I play computer games a lot and write inane messages on the internet) and as such I am extremely gratified that so many people have jumped when I pushed the button. Oh, one other thing; I never edited the article- I may be a closet-case sonny; but I'm not *that* closet case.

I, personally, am not gay but I am desperate enough to try anything once...-- 05:43, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Lesbian? Who? First i'm hearing of that. yea,what does it matter? aside from that,theres also the fact that when asked about where to get a drink both flack and shrap say "Try the muddy rudder,they don't ask too many questions down on the lower deck."--JoeHanSon 09:11, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

The Ghouls who run the inn in Underworld are lesbians. One of them is Gob's "mother".

It is kinda implied, and I noticed it myself. I think it's funny, gun merchants not being whom you'd typically expect to be gay. An LGBT member of Bethesda staff probably slipped it in. Either way, it doesn't do any harm whether or not the article includes it. Some people are gay, get over it. 11:47, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

Jefferson memorial

In the final battle I found him at the Jefferson memorial. I think he is trapt there because of the energi shield, poor guy. Every time I get past Jefferson memorial, it is standing that he is unconcius, ha ha


Maybe he'll be part of a quest in DLC? That way, it would make sense for him to be unkillable so you don't have saves with quests you can't do because you killed him before you found out you shouldn't. Last Face 00:48, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

Neither Flak nor Shrapnbel is a part of Operation Anchorage. I think he will be part of The Pitt because his partner was an ex-slaver, and he may have information about how to get to The Pitt, or important people there.- Richboy33lb

think it's cause they knew about the glitch that made him wander between rivit city and the falls, but couldn't fix it, so they made him unkill able, allthoug it could be because they just wanted to make sure you didn't kill all the ammo providers in the game, just like how preston is unkillable so not all the doctors die.- Joe Han Son

Repeats and Page Mess

The first 4 paragraphs are just the same thing. Repeated 4 times.
Can somebody please clean up the page.
Shrapnel wandering the wastes is what happens when you enslave Flak, and the different situations mentioned arn't glitches or unique. It is just his AI reacting to monsters and threats as he wanders around. 14:17, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

I've cleaned it up. // Porter21 U | T 15:18, 12 February 2009 (UTC)
No, I dont think it is cleaned up. The entire 'Bugs' section restates over and over what the first four paragraphs are saying. 12:02, 10 April 2009 (UTC)

Doesn't it show a picture of Shrapnel laying dead on the floor of the Rivet City Market when you put the FEV into the purifier?So,why does it say he's inkillable?? HuangLee 01:18, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Fat Man

Not really important, but I'm pretty sure he gets the Fatman from his inventory.-- 07:39, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

Flak and Shrapnel can get the Fat Man from their inventory, but there's no real key for their inventory, they must have some special unique key that only they can use.

If you shoot Shrapnel he might pull out the fat man, if your quick enough you can shoot his arm and he will drop it, unfortunately when you put your cursor over it your game may freeze.

this is what happened to me

it seems that after this happens, even if you reload a save before that even, the fat man will simply disappear off of his back when you shoot him, and he will draw a Chinese pistol, when this happens it is transferred to his inventory, through continuously reloading saves i was able to pick it from his pocket

(though i don't understand how someone could not feel that being taken from there pocket, i don't care if i had a sneak of 100 and was using a stealth boy)

while it was in his inventory, it had an average damage rating, but as soon as it went into my inventory, the guns repairedness (I MAKE UP MY OWN WORDS)became 0% and unusable, note Shrapnel had 2 mini-nukes on him, and i spent hours trying to pick them from his pocket without success

this obviously make no sense

Jury Street Metro Station

I found Shrapnel (after enslaving Flak) with his "flying shotgun" :o (after reload game the shotgun was normaly on his belt) at Jury Street Metro Station fighting with Raiders and Enclave Soldiers :D. After the fight he go to the East. [[1]] [[2]]

The Great journey...For Shrapnel

Whithin the last month or so, after i have enslaved his gay lover flak, I have been spotting him in the most outrageous places within The Capitol Wasteland and in point Lookout DLC. Some examples of his whereabouts are Fairfax, Fort Independence, Raven Rock, Jefferson Memorial, Paradise Falls, Big town, Metro Stations and so fourth

I found him wandering aimlessly near Andale. He still had full shop options and I was still able to buy and sell through him. Backspace-Yao-Guai 16:27, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

Infinite Ears

I found shrapnel wandering the wastes after I enslaved Flak. I proceeded to try an enslave him to no avail using the mesmetron. I thought it was funny that instead of his head blowing up on some of my attempts, he would just sort of seize and go unconscious. After one such incident, I pickpocketed him just to see what he had and, lo and behold, he had an Ear in his possession. Subsequent murders yielded the same result. Can someone else confirm this. I'm on the 360 and obviously have the contract killer perk.

EDIT. Hmpf, upon attempting to sell the ears to littlehorn, I realized that was really only one ear. Perhaps you can only harvest one ear per character. I'll try to find shrapnel again and see if I can get a new ear.

Not invincible in the Citadel

If it matters anything I have Broken Steel (I'm using PC) and have the Contract Killer perk; anyway though this started right at the beginning of the Take It Back! Quest (I literally just walked out of the Citadel). I found Shrapnel and tried to enslave him (yeah now I know it doesn't work). He turned hostile but then Sarah and everyone else shot and killed him. Anyone else get this scenario?

-I am not sure but maybe the 2 story robot had something to do with that...

The Inventory Key... To Flak and Shrapnels

I believe I have found the key to the inventory box to the subsequent lovers inventory box! It is in there room! There are 3 file cabinets 2 side by side and one in the corner, beside the one in the corner, sitting on the narrow ledge on the wall!!! however, I can not grab it. theres a game barrier to open the file cabinet. I tried shooting it, blowing it out with grenades, nothing. this is xbox 360 mind you. so with respect to bethsada. Fix your damn games before you release them.!!!!!! mind you i dont have X-live so they might have sent a fix... I'll shut my mouth and get X-live. but for all you with it,, Check it out, the keys in their room!!

Their inventory is stored in a chest in a special, inaccessible cell called VendorChestsCell, as with most of the other vendors in the game. The filing cabinet in question just contains some random loot, as far as I can tell. --Vometia 16:00, September 29, 2009 (UTC)

Given that Flak can be enslaved.

Can Shrapnel be enslaved also? Another Questions, what named NPCs can be enslaved?

-Go to articles, and there is a box with checks and Xs, that will tell you if he/she is enslaveable. And to save you the trouble, no he is not.


I fast traveled to Paradise Falls, and I saw Shrapnel walking out of it. There was not hostility towards him and the slavers. Grouse actually said "hey" to Shrapnel like they were buddies. However, the Enclave is hostile towards him. He will pick up the heavy incinerator to use if a dead Hellfire trooper has it on him. TrailerParkApe Spew 17:42, August 29, 2010 (UTC)


In the info box, it says Family-Flak (partner. I first thought business, but are they like married or something?--MPLX Fantasurge 10:53, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Fixing his Flak-less wandering?

I've always encountered the mentioned glitch of Shrapnel going off into the wastes after Flak is enslaved and it's pretty annoying to technically lose a decent merchant for the petty reward you get for the enslaving. I've "fixed" it a couple times by slaughtering Paradise Falls and freeing Flak so he returns to RC but say you don't want to wipe out Paradise Falls, still complete Strictly Business and still have access to Shrapnel's shop in Rivet City, is that possible?(On PS3, so no PC console solutions)

Can you kill off Flak instead of enslaving him? Does freeing him from the slave pens so he can get killed by the slavers work?(and still keeps the slavers friendly)Dr. Lobotomy 17:27, October 10, 2010 (UTC)