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This page definitely needs a list of the skills available within the different games.

The Skill advancement part of the article is wrong, it only applies to Fallout 2

In Fallout (at least in Fallout version 1.0) skills can only be raised to 200 and raising skills does always costs 1 skillpoint, no matter if you raise from 1 to 2 or from 199 to 200.

My take on maxing Fallout 3 skills

contains no spoilers, except for very beginning of game, but that's spoiled even in reviews

There's 13 skills, each cap at 100, meaning you need 1300 skill points to max them all.
You get 650 (50 per each skill) 'free' skill points from books with comprehensive perk and half of that-without.
you also get 130 (10 per skill) from bobbleheads
you get 45 pts by tagging 3 skills during G.O.A.T.

Points gained by level:
If you take 10 INT at start and Educated perk at 4th lvl it's: 19*20 (base)+15*3 (perk)= 425
Each point of INT less (assuming you don't increase it during game) means 19 skill points less, so it's better to max INT at start, then take 'intense training' to increase other attributes, instead of taking 'bonus to skills'-type perks.
Not taking Educated means 45 points lost.

Points from attributes:
you get 48 pts for attributes, without taking 'intense training' perk (35-base, 5-added when your character is 1 yr old, 7 from bobbleheads and 1 from quest perk)
as mentioned above:
1 Luck point means ~6.5 skill point increase (well, actually it's 13 pts increase every 2 levels)
1 Perception or 1 Intelligence - 6
1 EN, CH, AG - 4
Strength - 2

how many points character will finally have:
base, when taking every book/bobblehead, with 10 INT, Educated and Comprehesive: 650+130+45+425=1250
taking into account 60 skill points from only INT bonus, it's 1310!
If someone optimalize attributes to have most skills, it'll be additional 197 (EX. 65-luck 9, 60-10 PE, 28-7 EN, 12-3 CH, 28-7 AG, 4-2 STR, 60-INT (counted 1 point above)-you can change EN/CH/AG proportions however you want), meaning (theoretically, as it'll be capped at 1300 anyway) 1507
optimal choice of perks can give up to 190 additional points (210 with Impartial mediation) - 1690 total

Of course there's very little probability, that anyone will get all 375 books and all bobbleheads or spend more than 3-4 perks on ones that add skill points in normal game, but still-it's possible to max your skills, if you plan that from beginning or even crash your game, because you won't be able to add skill points on level gain, if you find bobbleheads/books early.

EDIT: tested in Vault 106's character generator - you can get 50 in everything (you'll get another 50 from books) as soon as 8th level with right attributes and perks giving skills. that character got 50 skill points from perks, so without perks, he'd get 50 in everything at level 10.

Xalard 19:15, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

Suggestions for cleanup

I removed the section about maximizing all skills in F3 because the information is already on the F3 skills page and this article is only about general info about skills. Dweller93 13:59, 11 June 2009 (UTC)