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On PC. Did a speech check with Andy to avoid a fight, then speech checks with the girl to stop her from killing her mom. She ran out of the house after that; I wanted to see where she was going, and when I stepped out, she fell to the ground dead, failing the quest. 07:18, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

Finish this article

I was going to write up this whole article, but I accidentally deleted the save file to work on the quest. So, if someone else could write out the other ways to finishing this quest, it would be much appreciated. KingArmery 22:24, October 27, 2010 (UTC)


Do you get any reward (except for good karma)if you save her mother using a speech check?

200 caps, and some experience.

  • If you pass both speech checks (speech skill 70 then 75) and Alice leaves to find her own path, you get offered a 500 cap reward instead.


The article says she kills her father too, but does she actually target him or does he just sometime take a few stray bullets if he happens to be home at the time?

walkthrough is wrong

ok when you go back to the hostetler place it says there is a second speech check that requires 75 skill and if you pass she leaves to follow her dreams or whatever.

i never got a second speech check, and when she said she was going to kill her mother, i said ok, ill just wait here, and then she loses the nerve and asks what she should do. i said stay with your family and reconcile.

reward good karma and quest complete after talking to the mother, who offered 200 caps, with a barter check for more, or the option to refuse payment for good karma.

i have no idea wtf that walkthrough is talking about, but it did not happen anything like it says in my game when i got back to the hostetler home.

RESPONSE: It's because you didn't have 7 intelligence.


For the second part of the missio when the courier ventures into the the sewers where the greasers are...well maybe one of you should make an article about the greasers I would but I have only just started and I am only just getting to grips.--Tricky425 12:04, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

I KILLED Mrs. Hostetler in my first few hours of gameplay

By accident...

Is there a resurrection code for Mrs. Hostetler? I've come across two quests which are no longer able to complete, this one, "Someone to Watch Over Me" and another one, drug running for the Khans (The title I'm not too sure of right now.) but any time I talk to Don Hostetler, he says to me "I should kill you where you stand for what you've done..." and then walks away from me...

Anyone get that outcome as well?

```` Nero

Getting Alice to not shoot her mother

To elaborate on my summary, I had previously agreed to help Andy without the intention of ever doing so. It may be possible that is the reason I was able to talk her down. It feels wrong to describe it as talking her down though, since in all my experiences she would only attack her mother if you pressure her into doing it. The speech successes talk her down before she declares that she is going to storm the door, but every other path leads to her declaring it, at which point she hesitates every time. When she hesitates I am presented with the option of either telling her to hand me the gun, or calling her a coward and goading her into attacking.