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Vault Jumpsuit article Does not Mention This[edit source]

The article regarding Vault Jumpsuits does not reference them as potential quest items for the "Suits You, Sarah" quest. For readers who check individual items to see if they are worth keeping (i.e., quest-related or recipe-related), it is worth a mention on the Vault Jumpsuit article. I noted it as such on that pages Talk page, as well.

Vault 21 Jumpsuits[edit source]

The article notes that Sarah won't accept the Vault 21 jumpsuit you are given at the beginning of the game. It notes that she will not accept Vault 21 UTILITY Jumpsuits.

If you steal the Vault 21 jumpsuits from her dresser you can sell them back to her, so she will accept Vault 21 outfits.

Does this mean that she will accept non-untility Vault 21 Jumpsuits as long as they are not the first one received?

yes. also, the Vault 21 Utility Jumpsuit doesn't even have a base id so there is no way to acquire it. She'll accept all other non-utility non-security armor jumpsuits except (potentially) Vault 24 suits as they are cut and only avaiable via console commands. --Burkenation 05:38, August 16, 2011 (UTC)