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Depending on dialog choices you take with the guitarist, you can break the quest, working on confirming this now.

-- 22:22, October 26, 2010 (UTC)It's true, I've run into the same problem. If your barter skill isn't high enough, don't choose the barter option as the quest will glitch and say speak to the dude (Torini?) even when everyone's been recruited.


No point in having a bugs section on this quest. Talking to vendors will glitch it, having other quests will glitch it, everything, will glitch this quest. Just get it out of the way, there's 30-40 loading screens, fuck all xp, less caps then you'd get off a jackal gang. 30% of the caps you'd get from a jackal gang, actually. What's the achievement for? Having the patience to restart my ps3 5 times, already? UraniYum 01:47, October 31, 2010 (UTC)

This quest is why I'm starting to REALLY hate this game!

Being an experienced wanderer I'd already ran into all the folks who needed to be recruited. Eventually ended up at The Tops, talked to Tommy, told me he needed some performers, went out and recruited them, then I blithely return to Mr. Torini and find that THE G-D QUEST WON'T CLOSE CUZ I DIDN'T COME BACK TO SEE EFFING TOMMY EVERY TIME I'D HIRED A NEW ONE!

This quest is just as annoying as Dealing With Contreras, but happily has the luxury of taking only one-tenth the time of pissing you off so badly.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. G-effing-D, that's just idiotically stupid in the retarded, moronic sense.

Really, Obsidian? Are you being serious? Many folks like a complex game that require a bit of brains and moxie to figure out the optimal tactics and strategy, but the fetch-travel-fetch-travel-fetch-travel-etc model ain't begging for competitors.

I found this stupid quest way down on my queue and figured, hey, I don't have to muddle through the faction implications of this minor little one-off so let's do it. Knock one off the list, ya know? And then Obsidian via Tommy Torini fucked me in the ass.

I'm fundamentally pissed at a molecular level.

Still playing 'til my palms bleed though - Maybe I can make my mitts go wonky like Matthew Perry and get a VA gig!

Worst. Quest. EVAR!!1Eleventy!1!

Until I'd finished this befouled quest, I had no idea that it was an achievement quest. When I got the "ploink" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or vomit.

After effing it up the first time by recruiting the four folks and then reporting back to Tommy freaking Torini, I realized it was one of those go-do-this, come-back-to-me, go-do-this, come-back-to-me, etc type things. Pah! A pox on Obsidian, Bethesda, Zenimax, etc.

What should have been a five minute little, nothing quest of finding four folks and passing their piddling speech checks (if any) and then reporting back to the quest giver turned into a five hour nightmare of running, loadscreens, running, companions gone seriously missing (and reloading previous saves), running, loadscreens, loadscreens, loadscreens.

I'm not a violent person and don't wish any harm on the actual person, but whoever the mid-level exec who decided that this dumb-ass mission should go into the final game as-is is my figurative sworn enemy. I've had three XBs go RROD and I want to bash those useless machines over that aforementioned figurative person's head until he/she is as figuratively dead as those consoles are literally so. And as figuratively violently as possible with blood & gore splatter you can't turn off in the options menu.

No one minds the occasional, well-constructed fetch quest, but Crikey Moses, worst fetch quest ever. Super long, super boring, super easy, super annoying (I think I had to recruit the ghoul comedian four times due to load failures, companions gone missing), no combat, and a stupid-on-my-part over-reliance on auto-save on entry, and all for a crap payoff.

But it was an achievement quest and it's done and I'll move on. Thankfully, I really love the FO franchise, but I'm wavering a bit on that feeling right now. De stijl 12:20, October 31, 2010 (UTC)de stijl

Recruited 2 of them at once,and then put it on hold for the time being.Half the game later,i was randomly browsing the wiki.Found the page for Talent Pool,checked the Bugs section,and out of the window my keyboard went...Not enough to screw up the quest AND the achievment,had to endure having my game freeze every 15 minutes of gameplay aswell.

what happens if I steal the guitar?

Can the quest still be done if I steal his guitar? Also on a side note the first time I talked to Tommi my Barter was only at 40, the option highlighted in red said I'll do it for 50%. Once I read the magazine to raise my barter the option now green only said 5%. What a jip.-- 07:20, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

Well I stole the guitar to see what happened and everything went on like it never happened.. I even stuck around to watch him preform and what do you know another guitar magically appeared in his arms. The quest never did glitch up on me which is a surprise seeing all the stuff people wrote about it and all the glitches I've experienced elsewhere in this game. -- 07:20, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

I spoke too soon. I have the guitar in my inventory but as soon as I drop it (I wanted to go in my suite) it disappeared. I even loaded a auto save and tried again. It disappeared again.

Save as soon as you have the guitar in your inventory (and the Mysterious Magnum as well if you have the skill and interest in obtaining it.) Head straight to Old Lady Gibson. Sell the guitar to her, then buy it back w/o closing the menu. You'll lose a few caps (mine was 20-ish at Barter 75), but big deal. From there, you should be able to drop the guitar in your house and it should come up blue with proper ownership. I did this at Wolfhorn Ranch after the disappearance problem and it worked like a charm. (I'm sure there are others besides Gibson who work, but she's quick and easy to get to and deals with misc. merchandise. Plus, if you want an awesome guitar it's only fitting that you go to Gibson.) --Pyoobez 06:06, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

no speech option to start quest :S

i cannot start this quest at all, theres no speech option at alll! is it because i killed benny? :S i need help.

I'm having the same problem, and I too have killed Benny. Now I'm starting to think it's because I've already killed House. I know now. You have to talk to Swank prior to talking to Tommy

I'm having the exact same problem, except i haven't killed Benny yet but I have spoken to Swank about jobs. Does ANYBODY know how i can sort this out?

I killed Benny before starting it and it popped up. Have you finished Ring-a-Ding-Ding! completely? --Pyoobez 05:38, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Is it worth killing the Lonesome drifter?

Before I saw this I was a totally against killing this guy, even for his supa-flah jacket. Now that I see how many bugs are in this quest, and how much trouble it is, I'm not as sure. Do you think it's worth killing the Drifter for his awesome threads instead of doing the quest?

A suspected bug from this quest.

When i've taken this quest and want to try out a DLC im like: Yeah new dlcontent lets check it out (walks to whatever dlc intro movie that's suposed to be played and. . . it freezes? EVERY TIME?!

so i suspect that those quest items given from this quest causes DLC to malfunction on xbox and PC (sofar it has for me)

though i havn't made any further investigation on this matter than just doing the damn quest and after that the DLC starts like its suposed too, just a li'l fun fact thats not mentioned anywere aparently and has probably only anoyed me ("EVERY TIME?!").