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Talk:The Courier Who Broke the Bank

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got banned from all casinos, but didn't receive this steam achievment. is this a bug or what? pc / 1c version. 08:33, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

In response to your statement, I am experiencing the exact same quandary. There are rumours that you MUST wait for your game to be interrupted* each time you hit the milestone for each casino (where you get given random stuff as a reward) in order for the achievement to work. This is nothing short of infuriating, I know.

  • This has not yet been proven true.

Finally, Xbox 360 users, PC users and PS3 users are all experiencing this. The floor boss method mentioned above has only (insofar) been tested on a PS3.

Can you eventually go back into the casinos and bet after awhile after breaking the bank?

  • If they ban you, it is permanent. --Pongsifu 21:43, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Does increasing luck really help?

I read on here that increasing luck helps you win at casinos, so I increased my luck to 9 (started out as 5 but had the luck implant, 2 intense training perks, and I'm wearing naughty night wear which brings me up to 9). After raising my luck I find I am winning/losing at the same rate as when my luck was only 5.-- 05:26, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

on my first playthrough i had only 5 and i failed at blackjack but then on my second i raised it to 8 and although i lost a couple of times a beat every casino in one sweep :) btw while i was doing this i frequently got a notice beside my winning caps saying youre feeling lucky does this actually affect gambling?

Yes, increasing luck improves your chances of winning significantly. First time I played through at 5 Luck and didn't do too well. Second time I played through at 10 Luck, started at 9 plus 1 from implant, and I just mopped up. Slots actually turned out to be much more profitable than roulette or blackjack.

I think I figured out the bug with the trophy/achievement

I think I figured out why some of us aren't getting the trophy or achievement for this. (Sorry I keep posting on this topic but I feel it's important.) I was reading where the bug might be due to having to sit through each conversation and collect each item from the pit bosses each time you win a certain amount of money. I was being very careful to do that and I still wasn't getting the trophy (I'm on PS3). Finally something occurred to me. I keep a few extra saves through various stages of the game as a failsafe in case one of these bugs bites me in the keister, and the file I was reloading my save from to restart this trophy from scratch I had done something that might of screwed things up. I pick pocketed the guy at the Ultra-Luxe hotel and took the suite key, which is one of the gifts you get for braking the bank at the Ultra-Luxe hotel. I wasn't receiving this as a gift but I didn't notice I wasn't until I read here that I was supposed to get it as part of doing this. I fixed it by reloading a even older save, one in which my character's luck was 5 as opposed to 9 (see my question above) and I hadn't stolen the key. I was able to get the trophy this time. So the lesson here is, with my lower luck character I was still able to get the trophy. It kind of makes me feel I wasted my time raising my luck to 9.-- 15:56, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Your luck had nothing to do with you getting the achievement. It was simply a bug where the game didn't give you the key because you had stolen it. Plus, why do you think this is an important thing? It's just an achievement/trophy. It's not a big deal. You can live with not having a little notification popping up and saying "You've done this".

^ There are people that care for achievements, and trying to get all of them in this game. --User:XWeaverx

^ I agree, this is in fact an article about the achievement, is it not? It doesn't really make sense to criticise given the situation. --User:MaglorOfNoldor

I missed this the first time through on the PC. I was playing very quickly and reloaded after a couple of long losing streaks. On a second playthrough and have broken Gomorrah and Ultra-Luxe to buy implants but am waiting for Tops until doing Boulder City. GRPeng 22:34, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

In one save

Do you have to go and break the bank on one save or can it be multiple like "The Gang's all here" Achievement? Just curious because I get shot at when I enter the Tops and never broke their bank and I'd rather not go through and have to break the bank on all three again...kinda agitating after so long.

I'm pretty sure that you can do it on multiple saves/characters, but I could be wrong...--Wiseman of the Wastes 19:26, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

the courier who broke the bank bug

I killed everyone at the tops because i just decided to shoot benny on the spot and then everyone attacked me. The pit boss is dead so i get nothing for getting banned. Im on xbox 360 somebody help because im trying to get all acheivments and i only have three more after this.

start a new game and don't kill people at casinos until they all ban you moron


So I have a question about this achievement. When they say banned, does that mean I can never go into the hotel again, or that I can't play any of the gambling games? I want to know so I don't mess up any of the quests where I have to go into specific hotels. --BeardedBassist 01:02, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

You are only banned from winning/playing any more. There is no problem entering. If you have not gotten the achievement for winning slot machines, you will have to load an earlier save and then get banned again. GRPeng 20:59, October 24, 2011 (UTC)