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How do you get here? Cant get through the hoover dam, or access this place through the water north of the fort! Dsiniawa 17:16, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

Bug or one time glitch?

Every time i try to travel there (by boat or by fast travel), the game crashes! anyone know what is happening? i tried everything i know, even installing the game

Should we mention special dialogue options here? When I cae here and killed Caesaer (extremelty satisfying) with Boone (best companion ever) he had special dialogue after I killed him, I could only choose one though and then It locked out, any other special dialogues? Bio Enhancment 411 14:06, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Please do, I'd be interested in reading the different dialogues from killing him with different companions (if there are more), put it under Notes :) 21:13, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

This article is full of contradictory "Notes." These should be clarified or removed.Kastagir 02:08, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

Random Traveling Merchants?

Upon zoning out of the hilltop part of the fort to the steep twisty ramp part, I heard gunfire and when I ran to investigate found that all of the legionaries were engaged in battle with a couple of traveling merchants. Has this occurred to anyone else? Zarts 10:54, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, I quick traveled to the fort to witness some traveling merchants killing the main gate guard. It seems I am still able to leave via fast travel, however I now have full access to all my weapons. Zarts 10:54, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

Little Slave Girl

Ok on my first game data I found a little girl in the brahmin stable, she has a speech challenge and I never talked to her after that since I had finished the game. On the next data I tried to find her and she wasn't there. Anyone ever seen her? -- 23:01, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

I found her too, but told me that "Mommy told me not to talk to strangers." I was dressed as a Centurion at the time. When I went back to look for her, she was gone. I did notice a friendly compass marker beyond the fort wall - perhaps she glitched. --Ayumix 15:06, November 29, 2010 (UTC)

found her too on my first play through. Second time I had some mod installed, and I didn't find her. Maybe it's related? -One

It must be Melody... -Boumbh- 20:03, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

Randomly attacking?

Ok, so, I've been killing the NCR in an attempt to be friendly with the Legion. Upon getting invited to the fort, I go to Cottonwood Cove. There, I speak the the greeter, he accepts my Mark, but then immediately got hostile and attacked. Everyone else there joined in. I eventually solved this by running past him and getting as close to the raft as I could before he talked to me, and that worked. Then, I went to the fort. I went across the drawbridge into the area with the arena, and, while walking up the the tent, everyone went hostile and attacked. After reloading the save and trying every single other route possible, I got to the entrance to the tent. There, the guard dog went hostile, and everyone else followed suit. I have bad rep with the NCR, neutral wit hthe Legion, no followers, and I was wearing Legion armor. Is there any way I can make the Legion not attack me?-- 03:47, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

Try wearing faction armor that isn't NCR, that usually works for most factions that randomly attack.

If Boone is your follower, he will attack any legion on sight and vice versa.

ED-E Bug

OK found a major bug with fortification hill and ed-e that appears to reproduce 100% of the time, My ed-e was previously upgraded by BoS (not sure if related but its not the upgrade bug I emptied his inv before I upgraded him) anyhow any confiscated items in ed-e's inventory are NOT returned upon leaving the fort, eveything that was on my character and my other companion (veronica) WAS returned upon leaving, I have yet to discover a way to recover the items short of reverting to an earlier manual save (which unfortionately for me is about 3 hours of playtime lost, my next most recent backup save is right AFTER entering the fort ) 02:53, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

Found a workaround- if you have NOT yet left fortification hill, the items confiscated from ED-E will be inside the weapons footlockers by the front gate- The key is on the main gate guard- be warned you will fail all legion quests the second you open a footlocker (even if you pickpocket the key and have a stealth boy up) If you HAVE left the fort and later return, any items confiscated from ED-E on your previous visit(s) will be gone. 03:27, November 9, 2010 (UTC) The first post was from my cell phone.

I don't seem to see any reference to the arena in this area, where you can "fight" various opponents, including a NCR ranger? Just wonder if there was a way to save them instead of killing them (or have them kill you...) in the area.

Resetting the barge

I have the wildcard yes man quest, and the platinum chip, but i already killed everybody at cottonwood cove... and the barge is busted. is there a console command to reset the barge?

Caesar's T-45d Power Armor Helmet

Did anyone else find T-45d power armor helmet inside Caesar's footlocker? I think it's a leveled loot, but want to confirm. I was level 30 at the time I found it. --Ayumix 15:09, November 29, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, twice, both times with a Level 30 character. Wunengzi 09:49, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

ed-e is gone

-- 03:44, December 2, 2010 (UTC)i just killed everyone at fortification hill and Ed- e is gone i have looked everywhere but hes no where to be found. any ideas where he could of went he disappeared while in the tent . any ideas where he could be.

Try looking next to the barge / entrance to Fortification Hill. You may have to fast travel somewhere else, and then back. This happened to me once and found him waiting for me there. --Ayumix 23:42, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

If that doesn't work, use Vault 11's elevator to any floor. If he's still alive, he should automatically reappear. Otherwise, he might be really really bugged, or dead. And sorry to say, I have a good feeling that if you were off on a killing rampage at fortification hill; he probably died during the action. I've even had moments where I've seen ED-E die but the game never told he did (this actually happened to me when I completed the main quest line). - Anonymous

If you killed Vulpes...

As you leave the Tops casino, you get invited (to the fort) by one of Caesar's spies instead. He even mentions, despite killing Vulples, Caesar will still forgive you in order to meet you. Sorry, but I already forgot both his name and the specific "spy" term he called himself by. But it was similar to how Caesar calls his elite troops centurians rather than something more conventional/modern. - Anonymous

Vulpes was the leader of the Frumentarii, and if he gets killed the mark will be given by Alerio.

Making my own way in...

any way to get into the fort before getting the invitation (aside from what it says in the article) so i can learn the legion assult early? There must be someway without using consoles.

I swim from the lake and skipped everything.I use the rebreather but I think it is not necessery.

Unlimited loot from re-spawning corpse inventories

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the re-spawning corpse inventories as a source of unlimited loot. [Note: I just found it on the exploits page Fallout:_New_Vegas_exploits#Infinite_Legion_loot_and_12.7mm_ammo. The experience described is slightly different, and doesn't go into detail, so I'm leaving this intact.]

I decided to clear out The Fort and kill Caesar. With Boone and E-DE as companions, it was pretty straight-forward (but I'm Level 30, which obviously helps). Boone starts shooting as soon as you fast-travel spawn at the entrance, and using a 12.7mm submachine gun (still haven't found a silencer for it) you can kill Cursor Lucullus, the gate guard, and a couple recruits and clear out the gate area quickly. Then you can snipe your way to the top of the hill, though a few legionaries will charge you.

I actually sniped at one of the trainees running up and down; it was dark and I thought he was a legionary. You can't target them in VATS (no pick-pocketing, either), and I only hit him once before I realized. He seemed to be injured (he hobbled for a while, and they both cowered, as did the slaves) and I seem to remember he showed up as hostile for a while, but they don't attack. Later he seemed to be healed and resumed his normal behavior, running up and down and sleeping at night.

The fight inside the next gate at the top is a little harder, with a Praetorian, a Vexillarius, a Decanus, the blacksmith, Anthony and Otho. There are also a couple of mongrels, including Lupa (if you want her brain, it's in her inventory).

At this point, I returned to the main gate and stored my loot in the weapons crates there; you get the key from the main gate guard. Since Dale Barton won't trade with you anymore, you need to sell it elsewhere, and I didn't want to keep traveling back and forth until I was done.

When I returned, a couple more legionaries spawned inside the drawbridge at the top, with another mongrel. After I killed them and went to loot their corpses, I noticed that the Vexillarius, the Decanus, and Anthony had respawned their inventories. Otho and the blacksmith had disappeared.

I stored all the loot in the arena locker (got the key from Otho before he disappeared), and sniped my way to the lower section. There was another blacksmith and a couple other legionaries down there. I left the weather monitoring station and Caesar's tent for later, and started ferrying loot. Two of three corpses in this area re-spawn; one of them has a chainsaw worth about 850 caps fairly often.

Every time I fast traveled or went through a drawbridge, some of the corpses re-spawned, without clothes but inventories intact, with some random changes in items. You can actually see them drop to the ground; sometimes one at the main gate hangs up on the structure, and seems to be standing (minus head), while Anthony often ends up sitting in the fire brazier.

The battles at the weather station and in Caesar's tent were harder, especially the tent, but doable with the 12.7 SMG. Plasma weapons might be better, but I have the Meltdown perk, which is a real handicap in close quarter fighting. None of the corpses in those areas re-spawn, and the corpse loot is average, though there are lots of Ballistic Fists. I made sure I pick-pocketed Maria from Benny before releasing him.

There is some decent loot: Vexillarius armor, 10 & 12.7 MM SMGs, chainsaws, spears, purified water, cave fungus, healing powder, antivenom, denarii; all of it worth taking. After a few runs, storing everything back at the main gate, I repair some things to increase the value and the caps per pound.

This is especially worth doing with the Vexillarius armor, particularly if you use recruit armor at 41 or 60 caps (the two lowest values it spawns at); you can repair it to a value of 600 caps, increasing the value by several hundred at a cost of less than 150 caps. The 12.7 SMG is even better; you can increase the value by several thousand, using the cheapest SMGs (269 caps), but it's not worth repairing to full value.

You get lots of machetes (I also got one gladius), and you can add 13 caps to the value while repairing by using the cheapest (10 caps) and the most expensive (26), which brings the value to 39, but it's laborious, and the best caps to pound you get is just over 8.

Spears are abundant, and pretty valuable at 50 caps/pound; I got about 500 over a couple of game days, or around 12,000 caps worth. Cave fungus is at 50 also, but less common. They're good for removing radiation. Healing powder is very abundant, and at 167 caps per pound, very valuable. With the perception loss, I never use them. Of course the antivenom is the best value; almost every corpse carried one - weightless at 25 caps. Denarii are also weightless at 4 caps.

Obviously the highest weapon value is the 12.7 SMG at up to 1,000 caps per pound; you can get two or more for every run. Vexillarius armor is just over 20; other readily available armors are less. Gathering, repairing, ferrying and selling gets tedious (especially since your companions won't even touch Legion armor, except helmets; gotta carry it all yourself), but no more than killing a boomer for a 2,000 cap Fat Man or removing a patch to scam the V&V casino out of caps when exchanging your chips. Still, over a few hours I've acquired almost 200,000 caps worth of loot.

Dragging the respawning corpses to the area right in front of the gates speeds the process considerably. If you want to focus only on the highest value items, just pop in and out of the drawbridge at the fort and loot only the 12.7mm SMGs, plus denarii, healing powder and antivenom. Do this until you and your mules are completely loaded, then take some time to repair to increase the value.

You want to get lots of SMGs so you have a large pool to use. In general, the greater the difference between the original and repair item, the greater the increase. However when the value of the repair item reaches 1055, the difference from the repaired or original has to be 483 (i.e., original must be at least 1538). After that, you lose value and might as well sell both rather than combine them. The best move is using a 296 cap value SMG to repair a 2671 value; you increase the value to 3941, or 974 caps over the combined values of the two. The only problem with this strategy is finding vendors with enough cash to buy the high priced items; it's a good idea to take some cheaper stuff to ensure your ability to trade.

I haven't worked out my caps per hour rate; I probably don't want to know. (Sure wish I'd taken the Long Haul perk now.) But, it'll pay for all the implants and ammo anyone could need.

Tharnhelm 16:13, May 4, 2011 (UTC)

How to assualt the fort

Attacking the fort is no easy task there are three main parts. the outside the inner ring and the middle ring. Its a really good karmanic deison too bring boone along to help you easily pick off hostile npcs. the outside ring is filled with ceares legion regulars quick and easy too take out just dont let them close in on you the regulars are fast and might close in on with machetes making it hard to aim. the inner ring is filled with higher ups and might presnet a problem but easy to brezz thru and with semi valuble loot. the innner ring is filled with men with ballatic fists making this the hardest part but using turbo and high power shotguns will make the fight that much easier however dont let them close in on you just keep moving around and let them be cofused and they will go down easy.

Massacre At Fortification Hill

This takes a little preparation, but it makes wiping out the fort quite a bit easier. I'm on a PS3, vanilla game. High level.

It turns out that C-4 Explosives and detonators are "hold-out" weapons. You can walk right into camp with them. So stock up on some when you have the caps (Gun Runners and Contreras usually have some) and save them for special occasions like this!

Before this I had worked very hard not to be seen hurting the Legion, so my rep with them was pretty good. I started this on my second visit to The Fort. When you are done making nice chit-chat with Caesar, Vulpes and the rest just sneak around the room dropping piles of C-4. I was [DETECTED} the whole time, and occasionally someone would say "I can see what your doing!" but no one ever took any action. Once I had explosives set up all over the camp I waited until my final visit there (obliviously). On that last visit I used my good old Sniper Rifle (with a silencer) and just sneaked around the camp carefully sending Legionaries to that Great Fort In The Sky. Once the camp was cleaned out then I went into Caesar's Tent, sneak around to the back corner of his bedroom and popped the cork. Kaboom. No matter how you decide to do this; the back corner of Caesar's tent, by his bed, is a good position because any survivors or guards can only come through one at a time, and have to go around a table to get to you.

The down side is that apparently I disintegrated Caesar. I can't find his body or his armor anywhere. RedVideo (talk) 21:32, 24 August 2015 (UTC)