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I hate this gun the amning is awful :(

Firstly, it's 'aiming' and not 'amning,' secondly, while the iron sights are a bit difficult to see through, I can still use this weapon to fend off several enemies at once. You just gotta get used to it. --Bottletopman 09:32, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

the iorn sights are good but shooting at long range is impossible

Not sure if trolling, or just stupid. 13:39, 26 November 2011 (UTC)

Its spread is terrible for a rifle. After seeing the number of people lauding it as the best gun in the game I tried very hard to like it, but found it simply shoots all over the place and ranges from mediocre to unusable beyond short range; even a hunting rifle is better for just about anything except panic firing in close quarters with VATS. I can't tell whether people are just claiming it's great because they have a thing for the Garand or whether its stats were heavily modified in some patch or another. If the latter is true, could that information be put in the article?
This Machine isn't a weapon for long ranges. It's for middle to close range combat, and there it shines. It isn't for spray-and-pray either, you have just eight shots, so make them count. Using it as a long range precision weapon is like using brass knuckles for hammering in nails. Tagaziel 15:04, 9 August 2012 (UTC)
Was it changed at any point, though? It's unusual in that it has a very high maximum range, but incredibly low accuracy, and I've seen so many people claiming it's a very good all purpose gun, or that Boone performs well with it, etc. I gave it to Boone a little while ago and watched him empty two magazines trying to hit a single target at midrange.
I've been using the battle rifle a lot and I felt it was awesome, like This Machine. Are you using any stats? What's your level? Is Boone crippled? Maybe we're talking about wonky geometry? Tagaziel 13:22, 10 August 2012 (UTC)
Level 50, Boone's fine, everything in my game is pretty standard. The gun just doesn't seem to shoot where it's pointed most of the time unless the target's very close up, which I can only attribute to the wide spread, but it seems others don't find this as noticable. It isn't limited to This Machine either, I've noticed similar issues with the standard service rifle while watching NCR troopers fighting - they can waste magazine after magazine trying to land a single shot on a target 20 feet away. Meanwhile a basic cowboy repeater has nearly pinpoint accuracy in anyone's hands. I dunno, spread just feels very exaggerated at medium levels to me.