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Could this be a reference to Big Jake starring John Wayne or Escape from New York? both have these lines could be references to this Perk.

On the pipboy, it displays the maximum health without the karma-health bonus even though the actual health is modified.

I was wondering about that, as it showed something like 545/445. Was worried it was just a temporary boost and thus worthless. Tyrasis 07:17, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

Lucky To Be Alive vs Thought You Died, Some Math for a Cowboy build

Hand Loader SWCs + Better Criticals + Cowboy with Brush Gun.

Thought You Died 116 Damage Per Hit, 228 Critical Damage, 456 Sneak Attack Critical Damage.


Lucky to Be Alive 108 Damage, 259 Critical Damage, 518 Sneak Attack Critical Damage

The critical damage of Lucky To Be Alive rivals the critical damage of hollow points without the extra 3x DT.

assuming a crit chance of 50% though firing 10 rounds you get 580 non crit dmg and 1140 crit damage total = 1720, with lucky you get 540 non crit with 1295 crit total = 1835. if you calculate it with say 30% crit though you get 1496 with tyd and 1440 with lucky. at 40% crit you get 1608 for tyd and 1684 with lucky. If you calculate it at something like 25% it strongly favors thought you died. Now that's assuming none of them 10 are sneak attacks, but that's also assuming that someone would completely skip out on other damage increasing perks for some reason. If they were to take swc, cowboy, bloody mess, better criticals, and lord death at max they will end up with around 122.3 damage lucky would be similar with 114.8 roughly. I'm adding this in my head so it may not be exact. So it would look like Thought you died 122 dmg per shot 235 crit I think. Lucky would be 115 dmg rounded and 265 crit. Again doing the math in my head. With all of those at 40% crit for both you end up with tyd over 10 shots giving = 1672, and lucky giving 1750. At 30% the two give tyd = 1559, and lucky giving 1600. To reach that level though you would need to devote a good deal to getting crits. Lucky is better if you devote that much to crit. I couldn't do it because I just like heavy armor more, plus the extra 100 hp equivalent of 5 extra endurance is just a nice bonus. Lucky just has such a bad secondary effect, in my opinion of course. 07:14, October 10, 2011 (UTC)


Out of curiosity, would you be able to get good Karma in you first few levels in Goodsprings, then do the Goodsprings level up glitch to get this perk at level 50, then before you leave Goodsprings, get evil Karma (Stealing crap), and then, when you level up again would you be able to get the "I'm Not Like That Any More" perk?

thought that xp glitch only worked with a specific patch? if you updated it after that its gone right? lonesome road download seems like it'd force the patch update and break that anyway? unless you know a way to revert to old patches? Yes you can even with the latest patch, this mean you can have 2 Level 50 PERKS!!


just a karma reset not rep too? if they thought you died sounds like initially meant reset of good rep but then there are only so many ways to gain that so a reset would be problematic. then again i'd like to be able to have safehouses from people who fear me without having to settle for soft hearted demon lol

It's just karma. I did this, reset to 0 karma, then killed a few fiends to get back up to 100. Tyrasis 03:26, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

PC karma adjustment (posted by anon on page, moved from Notes)

  • PCIcon pc.png If you get caught off guard by hitting that sneaky level 50 with less than 1000 karma(but still more than 250), PC players can force the bonus to be recalculated based on their current karma by running the console command: SetStage ff00A603 30
    • It's tough to say whether or not the perk was intended to work this way, or to instead change dynamically with the player's karma. The only conditions the perk shows in the G.E.C.K. are for karma >= 250 and being level 50. However, the passive ability for handling the HP bonus that is granted to the player has effects for granting 10 and 20 additional health at the 100 and 200 karma levels respectively, despite neither effect being normally achievable. The karma value that is checked by this ability, however, is a variable from the above mentioned quest: nKarmaAbs (the absolute value of the player's karma at that stage in the quest), and I can't find anything in the DLC that would set the quest's stage back to 30 even though doing so seems to flawlessly update the perk based on the player's current karma and then advance itself back to a dormant stage(50 for me).

--FourWayDiablo(talk) 13:08, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

Problem with additional HP

I just got this perk. I have reached savior (e.g. karma between 750 and 1000). Before getting the perk I had 570 hp. After I had 575. Has anyone else en countered a problem like this?

nerd rage

does this perk affect nerd rage???