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Talk:Vigilant Recycler

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Is this perk WAY better than handloader?

1.75x damage seems awesome... and increased condition degrade isn't a big deal... whereas increased target DT is a huge deal (which is what you get with JHP hand loader perk ammo)

reply to myself, wow this perk is AWFUL you can make MAX CHARGE and OVER CHARGE without this perk... yet hand loader ammo requires the perk! Namad 19:28, November 1, 2010 (UTC)

Although this is probably coming a bit late, the answer to question is that it was never meant to be. The perk is just suppose to save you energy ammo. Their was nothing in the description about giving you different kinds of ammo recipes (like hand loader); just more efficient ones. And in that regard, the "benefit" description of this perk should be changed on the page, as it's misleading.
Additionally, it's still a good perk in my opinion. If you've ever used Energy Weapons extensively, you'll find that the ammo is hard to come by. Even most vendors typically don't sell a whole lot of them at one time. The other issue is that a couple of different weapons use varying rates of one type of ammo, which increases their scarcity. For example the Gauss Rifle uses 5 MF cells per shot. Overtime this can quickly become an expensive upkeep cost. This problem can be partially remedied by the Vigilant Recycler perk.
To a player that uses mostly Energy Weapons, I'd say it's more valuable than the Scrounger perk. Scrounger seems more suited to players using rare ammo, or players who use multiple weapon types regularly. Where in the case of Recycler, it's specifically suited for just Energy Weapons and nothing else.
In conclusion: is it better than Hand Loader? Maybe, maybe not, it depends on the play style I think. If your choosing Energy Weapons exclusively for other reasons, then your going to go Energy Weapons anyway, and you'll probably get Vigilant Recycler perk too. And vice versa with Guns. -- 05:05, July 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • As players who don't specialize on any one kind of weapon, we have never had a problem with ammo being in short supply. We have found neither perk to be worth taking. (Nor is Scrounger much use, either.)DarthOrc 05:15, July 16, 2011 (UTC)DarthOrc

Second poster again. Wanted to add that most of my experience with energy weapons comes from playing a late game character prior to the patch; the one that added DT-negation bonuses to energy weapons ammo. Considering it should take less bullets to take out an NPC (since they do more damage now), maybe ammo isn't as much as an issue as it once was. Furthermore, don't get me wrong about the vendor comment. Their is still plenty of ammo to buy around. But late game I was finding I had to fast travel to multiple vendors in order to satisfied with the amount of ammo I was carrying. Especially considering the amount of ammo Pew-Pew was draining from me at the time, which was 15 E cells a shot!
Additionally just wanted to add that the Scrounger comment is kind of ironic. I was figuring if any build would take that kind of perk, it would probably be one that used multiple weapons. But I can see your point of view too lolz. And I see how Hand Loader or Vigilant Recycler wouldn't be much use then either, since they seem too specialized to be of any use to a character that focuses on multiple weapons. -- 07:17, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

Special Ammo

Does this reduce the cost to make 'special' ammo types? E.g., instead of Max Charge Microfusion Cells costing 5 cells and giving two, would it cost 4 cells and give two instead? AR700SAW 13:45, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

No, this perk only replaces the 4 recycling "recipes" involving the drained energy weapon ammo types to Efficient recycling ones. It has no effect on the conversion recipes. Dr. Lobotomy 01:49, July 30, 2011 (UTC)
I have to add that after my second 30+ level energy weapons character, on the most recent patch, this perk is practically worthless end-game for this reason. It's nice early to mid game, since you'll be using a lot of regular energy ammo. Meaning you'll get more drained energy cells and thus, be conjure more of them when you recycle them. But late game the goal is to hoard as much ammo as possible and turn them all in to max charge types for maximum damage. But since Vigilant Recycler's drained ammunition bonus doesn't apply to max charge ammo, it's worthless if that's the only ammo type you'll be using.-- 00:57, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Recyclers & Multi-Cell weapons

1. Can anyone confirm if the ammo provided by recyclers like Laser_RCW_recycler works with this? I would guess it does but am slightly worried that the scripts could clash somehow.

2. With weapons that use multiple ammo per shot, like the GRA_Plasma_Defender do you get 1 empty cell or 1 for all the ammo used? The Flare_gun_(Lonesome_Road) using 10 fuel per shot would be less crippling if there was a 25%(50% with this perk) chance of getting all the empties.

BeardyDan 20:04, September 29, 2011 (UTC)