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Talk:Wanda (weapon)

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Wheaton Armory

Current edit says you can get it in the Wheaton Armory. I'm about to load up my game and scour for it, anyone know if it's true? Dhakkel 10:16, September 29, 2009 (UTC)


does anyone know how to get this weapon? ive just seen it while reading the weapon's page.

You and everyone else (although I've seen it in the game datafiles too). Mirar 09:19, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

Is there a way to bring the weapon into the game? I mean, I know the data is there. Is a skin there too? Could you summon the weapon into your inventory or something? I have to say I prefer the model/skin of the Assault Rifle WAY more than the CAR/XAR model/skin. The AR also changes clips magazines faster. Servius 00:46, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

Figured it out. In the PC version, open the console with the "`" key then type "player.additem 0006B533 1 100" (without the "s). Servius 04:37, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

The main advantage to using Wanda over the Xuanlong is that, if you want to limit the extent to which you resort to the console, Wanda can be kept maintained much more easily than the Xuanlong, as regular R91s are much more commonly encountered. --Nick East 10:26, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

What is the DEV item room the page is referring to? There is not an article on it.--Hollow Points 22:41, 28 July 2009 (UTC)Hollow Points

This weapon can only be obtained via console commands. If your info was good, lots of people would have already found, giving proof before editing a page to write this. Itachou 10:52, September 29, 2009 (UTC)


Here's the dump from the database:

Type: WEAP
FormID: 0006b533
Flags 1: 20000000 (Unknown (20000000))
Flags 2: 003f4211
Flags 3: 0008000f
Subrecords: 25
Size: 885 bytes (excluding header)

[Formatted information]

EDID (Editor ID)
Editor ID: WeapUniqueWandaAssaultRifle

FULL (Name)
Name: Wanda

MODL (Model NIF)
Nif File Path: Weapons\2HandAutomatic\G3AssaultRifle.NIF

ICON (Weapon Icon)
File Path: Interface\Icons\PipboyImages\Weapons\weapons_american_assault_rifle.dds

MICO (Mini Icon)
File Path: Interface\Icons\PipboyImages_small\Weapons_small\glow_weapons_american_assault_rifle.dds

NAM0 (Ammo Type Record)
Form ID: 00004240: AMMO (Ammo556mm)

REPL (Repair List)
Form ID: 00034248: FLST (RepairAssaultRifle)

ETYP (Equip Type)
Equip Type: 2

YNAM (Sound Record - Pick Up)
Form ID: 00087D63: SOUN (ITMRifleUp)

ZNAM (Sound Record - Drop)
Form ID: 00087D62: SOUN (ITMRifleDown)

MOD2 (Model NIF 2)
Nif File Path: Weapons\2HandAutomatic\AssaultRifleShellCasing.NIF

INAM (Impact Data Set Record)
Form ID: 00019083: IPDS (BallisticImpactDataSet)

WNAM (World Static Record)
Form ID: 000A1918: STAT (1stPersonG3AssaultRifle)

SNAM (Sound Record - Gun - Shoot 3D)
Form ID: 0001EE60: SOUN (WPNRifleAssaultG3Fire3D)

XNAM (Sound Record - Gun - Shoot 2D)
Form ID: 0001EE5F: SOUN (WPNRifleAssaultG3Fire2D)

TNAM (Sound Record - Melee - Swing / Gun - No Ammo)
Form ID: 0001F21C: SOUN (WPNPistol10mmFireDry)

NAM9 (Sound Record - Equip)
Form ID: 0001CCC7: SOUN (WPNRifle0Equip)

NAM8 (Sound Record - Unequip)
Form ID: 0001D4BE: SOUN (WPNRifle0EquipUn)

DATA (Weapon Data)
Item Value (in caps): 500
Max Item Condition: 450
Item Weight: 7
Weapon Damage: 12
Ammo Capacity: 30

DNAM (Damage Data)
Weapon Animation Group: 6 (rifle 2)
Animation timescale: 1
Unknown animation float: 1
Fire trigger: 66
unknown byte: 255
unknown byte: 1
Reload Animation: 0
Minimum Spread: 1.5
Maximum Spread: 4
unknown float: 0
Zoom FOV: 52
unused float ??: 0
Projectile Form ID: 0000426D: PROJ (556mmBulletProjectile)
unknown byte: 45
Weapon Firing Animation: 74
Damage Multiplier?: 1
unknown byte: 0
Projectile Velocity ?? (multiples of 64) -- PROJ records also have velocity data: 256
Max Range: 1024
Projectile Behavior (arcing, etc): 0
unknown byte: 8
unknown byte: 4
unknown byte: 0
unknown byte: 0
Reload Time: 1
Ammo Used Per Shot: 8
AP Cost Per Shot: 23
1st trigger delay: 0.7
2nd trigger delay: 0.7
rapid fire timing ??: 0.15
unused float ??: 0
critical death effect chance ??: 8
unknown float: 2
damage vs defense modifier ??: 1.3333
unused ?int ?: 0
weapon skill type (av code): 41
unknown int - something about weapon type: 1
unknown float ??: 0.15
unknown float ??: 1
resist type: -1
burst mode fire rate ??: 0
unknown float ?? - DO NOT CHANGE: 0.1
unknown float ??: 3

CRDT (Critical Damage Data)
Critical Damage Bonus ??: 12
Critical Chance ??: 1
unknown int: 1
Critical SPEL Effect: 00000000: TES4
-- Mirar 09:21, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

Grumble grumble

Why Bethesda? Why did you cut Wanda? AGH! I want this gun sooo bad!--Chipgambino 20:13, September 25, 2009 (UTC)

Because the Xuanlong Assault Rifle is supposed to be better. The Xuanlong and Wanda are almost exactly alike, but Wanda is WAY easier to repair than the Xuanlong. Does anyone else think this weapon fires faster than Xuanlong Assault Rifle? It seems like it does. Anyway, Chipgambino, the Xuanlong Assault Rifle does a little more damage (Pip-Boy display, not GECK) but is harder to maintain. This makes Wanda better, in my opinion. --Hollow Points 01:47, September 27, 2009 (UTC)Hollow Points

The Weapon IS NOT Avalible ANYWHERE!

People keep vandalizing this page, saying that it's actually possible to get without the console. It's not, and that isn't going to change unexpectedly. Stop the vandalism. Whatever you heard, they were running a mod or lying.--Hollow Points 19:54, October 30, 2009 (UTC)Hollow Points

Origin of Wanda?


That aside, i wanted to ask "how did they come up with the name 'Wanda'?", so i thought something up. Maybe they intended to have an encounter like the Umbra sword in Oblivion, except instead of Umbra, it would be some dumbass named Wanda would come up to you, talk about how nice their gun is, and then you'd cap their ass and take one of the best and overpowered small guns in the game. but all that remained of that idea was the gun... Name not required, June 23, 2010. 2043hrs

There's Something About Wanda!

Hello! I just found Wanda again, ans she is still the only item not free to be taken in the Regulator HQ. She's leaning up against the shelves where someone practiced throwing knives. I'd seen her before in the mailbox inside the Testing Hall too. But according to this article about Wanda, she's not in the non-modified game, unless you use the Console. Hmm. So I'm guessing Wanda was where I found her at thanks to a mod I found that restores the items "cut from the game". I found the Katana aboard Mothership Zeta for free and I knew it was there thanks to the mod, but until now, I didn't know that Wanda was also thanks to the mod. So thank you Wiki Folk for this article, as it informed me that a mod put it there. I now wonder if I need to use the Console Command, "SetOwnerShip" to get it, or will stealing it be okay without starting a fight in the Regulator HQ. Jericho hasn't done anything yet, so I hope there won't be any fighting. Leo Star Dragon 1. 03:09, April 2, 2011 (UTC)