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Talk:Warhead (Lonesome Road)

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Object Information[edit source]

Looking through the GECK, I found some information on the warheads' behavior. Should this be added to the main page? Here's what I got:

A warhead has five distinct states, which are cycled through as it is hit by the Laser Detonator. The state (or "stage" in the coding) depends on both how many times the warhead has been hit by the detonator, and the current stage the warhead is in. the formula goes as follows:

0 hits: Stage 0. This is the default warhead appearance.

5 hits: Stage 1. Slightly glowing.

10 hits: Stage 2. Glowing brighter.

20 hits: Stage 3. Glowing brightly, and flaming.

30 hits: Stage 4 (detonation). After a warhead has taken 30 hits from the Laser Detonator, it detonates.

The explosion deals 500 damage, and, when compared to a mininuke explosion, has about 70% the damage radius and only about 36% as much physics force.

After a warhead explodes, it leaves behind a large amount of radiation that dissipates over 18 seconds (starting at 20 rads per second at the center of the large radius). Compared to a mininuke explosion, a warhead leaves twice the radiation over a 50% larger radius for a 50% longer period of time.

--Danaw167 02:14, September 30, 2011 (UTC)