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Edited Random encounters / Ghouls for better readability.
-- Orme 19:13, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

I've encountered two Ghoul wastelanders, one male and one female on the long highway coming from SatCom Array NW-07c. It appears to be a random encounter at the enclave outpost along the way. The bug is that when I approach them for dialogue they speak in distinctively human voices. I'm suspecting that there was an AI glitch that randomized the model for the wastelander and the voice. Realek 01:47, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

Glitchy game tonight for me. Well, I've stumbled across three Abandoned Shacks settlement, the remains of other tin houses were there aswell. There was five to six ghouls that attacked me on sight there, all with weak melee weapons. They all were 'Wastelander' Ghouls. I entered one of the buildings and was attacked by a ghoul with a Magnum. I took a guess to think that the ghoul wastelanders who are looking for someplace of 'their own' set up a settlement that attacked anything on sight except for other ghouls. I doubt it, but I have no other ideas other then more glitches. Realek 02:12, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

Buggy Bomb encounter

  • I tried setting all stats (in the console) to 10 and all skills to 100, still couldn't disarm the bomb. Is it buggy? If you shoot her to be hostile, you still can't disarm it. But if you shoot her dead, you can disarm the bomb without problem...
-- Mirar 19:39, 20 November 2008 (UTC)
I'm more and more convinced this encounter is thoroughly buggy, after some research:
  • If the raiders are attacked before the wastelander, the wastelander turns hostile (same group?)
  • The bomb can not be disarmed in conversation, but on the corpse or if the wastelander gets into combat (with a third party, say a super mutant), the bomb can be disarmed with a skill check of 75
  • If the bomb is disarmed, she will thank you ("Thanks! You saved my life!"), and the raiders will come running (that isn't a bug, though, I'm sure). But, as in point 1: if you hurt the raiders, she will now turn hostile and try to kill you. Gee, thanks?
-- Mirar 20:12, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

It's definitely buggy. The first time I got this encounter I was passing through Jury Street Metro Station (the place, not the station itself) it was... weird...

Neither the wastelander nor the three raiders (two female, one male, the male had a rocket launcher) were wearing anything, and while I had no trouble disarming the bomb (don't remember what my Exp. skill was but it couldn't have been more than 50, which is my current skill level), she was immediately blown up by the Raider with the rocket launcher (probably aiming at me, but we were all clustered together, so he killed himself and his allies too. After reloading until I got a lucky V.A.T.S. shot against the lead raider, I was able to complete the encounter successfully saving the Wastelanders life, she ran to the intersection and just stood there until she despawned days later. The only other time I got this encounter, also at Jury Street, I experienced the same bugs mentioned by you guys, except, for some reason, the raiders were battling Talon mercs.

Yes, the raiders and the human bomb belong to the same faction (FFEU54) and are friends... (weird friends in my opinion). This is why the wastelander becomes hostile if the playaer attacks the raiders. This encounter, as well as the trapcorpse script attached to the watelander are is very badly done. On PC it is possible to fix the bugs with the GECK, simply removing the FFEU54humanbomb from the faction and to fix the bug about disarming the bomb just as said in the page, by changing the variable neededExplosive skill to 75 (or to any number you like, 75 seems a lot). Looking at the script it seems possible to rearm the bomb but I did not try it. If you succeed in disarming you don't recover the explosive as in any normal trap. 08:34, 19 January 2009 (UTC)Croquignol

Moved temp.


A (usually) female Wastelander (prid 474bd) will approach you and tell you raiders have strapped explosives to her. You have the option to attempt to disarm the explosives or leave her. If you fail to disarm the explosive (or just choose not to), she will start beeping and run away, then explode. After she explodes or the bomb is disarmed, the raiders will approach. One of these raiders always seem to have a heavy weapon, usually a flamer. There is also a Wastelander that will run to you and say "Help me! I'm wired with explosives!", then immediately run away.

Mole rats

A male Wastelander will run past you, chased by four Mole Rats. He will thank you when you've killed the mole rats ("I thought I was a goner"), but not give you anything actually profitable.


  • For Tenpenny Tower
    If the player completed the Tenpenny Tower quest and let the Ghouls live there, they may meet some Ghoul Wastelanders that are on their way to Tenpenny Tower. You can talk to them and their responses are very bigot-like, treating the player as other "smoothskins" treated them. If you tell them that they are wrong for thinking that, they will attack you and one of them will have a Ghoul Note from Roy Phillips inviting all Ghouls to Tenpenny Tower.
  • A small ghoul wastelander settlement near Vault 87 and Little Lamplight. All of them are hostile.


A wastelander will run past you, pursued by hunters in leather armor. The hunters can be killed for good karma, or the wastelander for bad karma. If you chose to kill the wastelander, looting the body will cause the hunters to attack you. This is because hunters sell Strange Meat.


A group of wastelanders will be fighting a Deathclaw. If you assist them in killing the Deathclaw, then the survivors thank you and give you a map to possible treasure since they "lost the appetite for adventure". Possible locations for map: Super-Duper Mart, Rock Creek Caverns, Deathclaw Sanctuary. Also you can find a single Deathclaw with a dead Wastelander,If you loot the Wastelanders corpse he will have Deathclaw Gauntlet schematics. Sometimes at higher levels the wastelanders will kill the deathclaw but still thank and reward you.

Water Supply

A group of 4 wastelanders, 2 humans and 2 ghouls can be found arguing around a fridge. The argument soon turns into a fight, and the wastelanders will start shooting members of the other race. After the fight one or sometimes two of them (of the same race) will be alive. When you talk to the survivor, he says that the purified water belongs to him. You can start a fight, leave, or try to persuade him to give you the water in the fridge. If you kill him, you can collect 8 bottles of purified water from the fridge. (10 bottles of purified water have been seen) If your speech is high enough (? value) you can have all the water (after the fight), have the water split two ways (after the fight), or split three ways (no fight).

There is a similar, separate encounter where one or two wastelanders are being accosted by creatures of any type. If you save them from the attack, they are much more friendly to you than in the above encounter. If you save them, they will say "Help yourself to the water. You earned it.

A rare encounter has the player leave the wastelanders to fight and the winners will be torn to shreds by a Yao Guai which the player can kill and take the water for themselves.

Wannabe Oasis Raiders

Two or three Wastelanders wearing Merc Outfits, who are initially friendly. If engaged in conversation, they will reveal they are heading for Oasis to raid it. Since they revealed it, they turn hostile towards the Lone Wanderer. They don't have any map to Oasis, but the encounter does put Oasis on your Pip-Boy world map. There is a bug that, when you kill them, they respawn as friendly wastelanders.(observed outside of Alexandria Arms in the PC version, Xbox 360 confirmed)

Grayditch Survivor

A single Wastelander runs up to you and engages in conversation with you telling you that Grayditch is burning. This will put a map marker on your Pip-Boy map.

This also starts the quest 'THOSE!'--Kingclyde 00:39, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

The Preacher

I came to this page trying to find information about The Preacher in Seward Square, who is identified only as "wastelander" in your V.A.T.S. screen. Some creative searching eventually led me to the right page but I'm wondering if there should be a heading for him here, since without inside info, a player won't know what to call him.