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Boxcars dialogue bug

I'm experiencing a bug where Boxcar has no dialogue options related to the quest and thus I have nothing pointing me towards the cave, I've been trying to find it on my own but never really managed, an entry with the caves name would be really helpful. I gave Boxcar the maximum amount of Med-x, I think that might have affected his bugged state.

Do "SetObjectiveCompleted 14050D 10 1" followed by "SetStage 14050D 15" in the console to manually advance the quest - I encountered this too.--Pyrion 13:36, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

same happened to me. but i did not give him the maximum amount of med-x, note: i did the quest involving nipton before i did this, might this have caused it? The game is a glitchfest tho.

No, I only gave him 1 med-x when I saw him, and I talked to him a dozen times before doing the quest.--Crossmr 07:47, October 25, 2010 (UTC)
It might be due to enough time having passed (72 in-game hours) for the cell to be refreshed such that if you've already talked to him once and you've done the Nipton-related quests, all you get is the fallback dialogue.--Pyrion 15:50, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

resetting the booted quest fixed it for me as described, except i did not need to give him med-x. the option simply came up the first time i spoke to him. kind of annoying to have to repeat booted, but at least i can make it work.

Bugs - moved from article

Moved from article: Needs confirmation: i went to the Hidden Supply Cave before ever meeting Logan (Fallout: New Vegas) or Boxcars. I found 1 radiation suite, and now that i have the quest, Boxcars has no dialogue options about it, worse, the only dialogue option he has is to close the dialogue. The quest does not continue from the entry telling you to ask around Nipton. (confirmed). To manually advance the quest Do "SetStage 0014050D 15" in the console

Needs confirmation also: As soon as i set out of the base where i first met Logan we were attacked by glowing ones and Logan for no reason turned hostile against me (PS3)

Confirmation : i didn't went to the supply cave before and i don't have any dialogues option with Boxcars too (360)

Confirmation: I also have run into the broken boxcars dialog, but I didn't visit the cave. I think it breaks if you talk to him about the legion attack prior to accepting the quest. (PS3)

Another broken quest that needs confirmation: I found all the parts listed in the Police Station, but Logan keeps saying "there has to be more." Went to pickpocket his key for the Fire Station to get on with it, and it's not in his inventory. (PC).(comfirm ps3) (confirmed 360)

Needs to be reworded and confirmed. --Kris User Hola.jpg 22:00, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

After receiving the quest, I went to Nipton General Store to talk to Boxcars and it doesn't give me the speech option to ask about the Radiation suits.

Hi, Which is the best way to resolve this? By

  • pc To advance the quest to the proper phase, where the footlocker containing the "Radiation Suit Package" spawns, you can use the console ('~' key to open the console) and type: setstage 0014050D 15.


  • If Boxcars is bugged and will not provide the Radiation Suit dialog you can try resetting the Booted quest with the console command resetquest 131E7C.


to keep logan alive

the easiest way is to tell him you are ready, then leave and fast travel somewhere and back. he will reset to the basement and you can go clear the places out then go get him again.

i dont know how people manage to keep him alive in the firehouse normally. he takes like 2 hits and dies and there is no room to move around.

Just make sure you have a high damage weapon like the brush gun or etc, as well as a companion and you should be able to do it after a few tries.

Confirmation of one of the bugs?

I just wished to confirm that I have also had the following bug happen (I am on the PS3):

"sometimes when you enter the hidden supply cave the chest holding the radiation suit package will not let you open it. DO NOT LEAVE THE CAVE or it will memorize this. simply reload from a prior save."

I'm not sure if this was needed, or if this will be of benefit to anyone, but I figured I'd post it just in case. Vulpes Inculta 17:26, November 12, 2010 (UTC)


Mine is a bit stranger. I started the quest after discovering that killing them 'failed' it, and reloading.

I found the package of suits, stepped out into the Camp, and while still running around fighting Radscorpions, a message suddenly popped up saying "mission complete" or whatever it normally says.

I never could find his body either, thats the weird thing.Kahlzun 08:59, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

  • Update: I had another look around, and found him.

By the look of it, the dozy bastard didn't put on his radiation suit, and so 'died' within about 6 steps of the exit from the church. I guess it was a 'mission failed' and i misremembered?Kahlzun 08:59, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

can't talk to Logan

he just says things like "you know there's a new sheriff in Primm?" I haven't hacked the computer and I reseted the slaves from Nipton quest cause I killed Boxcars earlier please help.

strange bug - can't talk to Logan

he just says things like "Primm has a new sheriff" and I can't get a normal conversation with him haven't hacked the computer and reseted 'booted' quest because I killed Boxcars earlier. help me please.

Iv'e had the same thing, the only influence if had on the quest is prior to trying to take it i talked to Boxcars, but didnt kill him or recieve the Booted quest.

Confirm two bugs, PC

If you end the dialog with Logan by asking him more questions instead of "I'll check it out" then you do not get the quest and must initiate dialog with him again. Only "I'll check it out" triggers the quest. I actually found 3 radiation suits and returned before I figured out I should have gotten a quest from him.

I had also already found and explored the cave and exhausted Boxcar's dialog (giving him med-x and whatnot) prior to getting the quest. Upon reaching Nipton, Boxcar was the target of my quest arrow but only had a dialog option to end dialog. I don't know how they control his dialog, it isn't part of the wheel of fortune quest and I didn't see a VDialog quest for Boxcar.

Corrupted Save

Completing this quest has led to me being unable to save

HELP !! (first off I'm unsure if I'm posting this in the correct place or not, apologies if I'm not). I've just been playing through the mission Wheel of Fortune, I get inside the fire station and my rads are mounting, I have two radAways left, then there's the three in the upstairs of the station, I use ALL of them hunting for parts.

Now my rad is around 900 so I'm thinking exit the building fast travel to Novac, NCR Doc 100 caps heal rads then I go back at carry on where I left off.......!! WAIT. It autosaves as I leave the building, I rely heavily (and stupidly) on autosave, my last alternative save is 15 or so hours ago, when I try and fast travel I CAN'T!! I presume because I'm locked in a quest and if I try and shoot Logan, the other two guys turn hostile which prevents me from fast travelling. I'm on 992 rads which gives me 4-5 seconds roughly with the 1-2 rads i receive.

Is there anything anybody can think of doing? patch wise glitch wise anything wise etc ?? Or do I just count it as misfortune and start over ?... Thanks for all and any help.

I'm not a registered user here, but the fast travelling 'ban' tends to be because you're in a radiated area. At least, that's the excuse Fallout always gives me when I forget and try to fasttravel from there.

Behind the scenes

Just what's to say the quest is named after the gameshow and not the mythological wheel of fortune? Great Mara 22:48, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

Nothing. You're correct.--Gothemasticator 23:16, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
Guess it's okay if I try a write up of the mythological meaning? Great Mara 23:25, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

Supply cave

Is there a key to the hidden supply cave? Because I'm more of a hack to open guy. Plz help

Basement at start of quest

Am I the only one who thinks it odd that the basement is irradiated when you first run into Logan? Well not the basement that's odd, but the fact that he wants you to get the suits while he and the other 2 prospectors wait for you in a place filled with radiation is just odd.

I'm thinking this is either a slip-up or really poor design on Obsidian's part. Searchlight just doesn't seem very logically designed, to begin with - some of the dialogue choices with Private Edwards are strange. 05:23, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

Bug verification needed

I marked a couple of bugs as verification needed:

  • The bug "Sometimes Logan will keep telling the player that there have to be more NCR parts in the police station even though everything has been collected. If Logan is killed at this point, all NCR items will be removed from the player's inventory and the quest will be marked as completed." reads to me as conflicting with bug "If you kill Logan you can take the NCR radio and NCR computer parts. These are marked as quest items and will not leave the players inventory." The first is marked XBox-only, while the other is marked as all platforms.
  • The bug "If you go to Logan and tell him that you have collected everything before actually collecting all NCR branded weapons, he becomes hostile towards you. The remaining NCR weapons will become quest items in the Misc. section, and cannot be used." does not have any platform(s) listed.

--User:HunterZ(talk|contribs) 06:56, 18 January 2012 (UTC)