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Faction rep increase bug[edit source]

I just noticed that every time I equip this outfit, my reputation with several of the various factions gets a boost. I managed to get "Idolized" status with factions that I was only liked by or neutral with previously just from equipping/removing this outfit several times. Can someone else confirm this bug? I'm playing on xbox, by the way. 17:34, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

I'll confirm. Just happened to me on PS3. I tried the quest before but couldn't finish the way I wanted to, so I reloaded from before I did it. The bug wasn't happening then. Just now I went to finish it, and I noticed the bug when I acquired the clothes from the two people who attack you in the investigator's suite. My rep with the Powder Gangers, NCR, and Great Khans is up. It didn't remove negative rep, since the Powder Gangers have gone from Vilified to Soft-Hearted Devil.
Update: Putting on both White Glove Society Attire and White Glove Society Mask works as it should. The problem is when I put on one or the other but not both. The game doesn't register me as being disguised as a White Glove, but when I remove the item, it gives me the "no longer disguised" message. The only factions affected are the ones that are removed when disguised as a White Glove: Great Khans, NCR, and Powder Gangers (may affect others, I don't have a Legion rep yet). I think it's re-adding my rep with these factions without having removed it. Since I've never done anything to gain Khans or NCR infamy, it doesn't add any more, it just re-adds my positive. Since my rep with the PGs was as bad as possible, it could only increase the small amount of positive rep I got from the quests I did for them before taking over the prison for the NCR.
I loaded the autosave and tested a bit, and here's what I found. It took only one removal of the mask to go from Liked to Idolized with the NCR. Assuming I had minimum necessary rep, that would be 40, and re-adding that would give me 80, enough to be Idolized. Khans went from Accepted to Liked to Idolized after two removals, which could be 35 rep, increased to 70, then increased to 105. PGs stayed at Vilified after one removal, went to Merciful Thug and stayed there for the next 5, went to Soft-Hearted Devil for the next 7, and finally to Wild Child. That would just about fit if my rep with them was 5; 5 (vilified) + 5 (total 10, still vilified) + 25 (35, merciful thug) + 35 (70, soft-hearted) + 5 (75, should be soft-hearted but was wild child). Unless the reputation chart on this wiki is wrong, I'm not sure exactly how this works out, unless my rep is actually 5.5 or something, if that's possible. Anyway, this is all the info I have. LeDaea 04:19, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

Can this be pickpocketed?[edit source]

I reverse pickpocketed an outfit and hockey mask successfully. I exited and reentered. The White Glove member equipped the items I pickpocketed, but I can't seem to pickpocket this item. I've not tried to take the White Glove Society mask yet, but it is in his inventory. I have a stealth of 75 and am using a Stealth Boy (Fallout: New Vegas). I have tried 10 times and every time I am caught. Am I missing something? -- 01:27, December 14, 2010 (UTC)

- I guess 11th time is a charm. I got them both on the next try. Funny. I guess they are just hard to pickpocket. -- 01:31, December 14, 2010 (UTC)