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With Wikia's new format, I can't find where to format this article so that it looks like a proper Quest article, with tables and such. Please help!

Walkthrough[edit source]

Why was this removed? Sheltim 00:05, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Ending up at black mountain[edit source]

lol they ended up at black mountain, i gave janet her outfit, went to nellis and tried to talk to jack, but then i realized janet and jack needed to be together. So i waited approximately 9hours in the hanger, then the quest marker ended up in black mountain, i went there but nothing was there, i walked close to tabitha's house when all of the usdden they come walking out of the prison block (where raul or paul is, dont remember name) got the quest completed, but it is unlikely they survive the walk considered the mutants. does this screw up other quests?

I would think that if Jack dies and you haven't completed the quest Volare!, you would be unable to get a Rebreather. You could complete Volare! without it, but the Rebreather makes it easier and it's a nice piece of equipment to have.Minor Edits 21:03, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Can't Find Jack on My PS3[edit source]

I've received Pearl's permission to tell Jack about Janet. I brought up the Pip-Boy, well, I have the PimpBoy, but anyway, but no marker shows up on the world map or local map even though there's a marker on my compass. I wander into the Hangar and it leads me to the tail of the bomber, but he isn't there. I get the squirrelly idea to check out the Array. No dice. I go into the Generator room and the marker says he's there, but my eyes say otherwise. After a few minutes, I've come to the conclusion that he just isn't at Nellis. Any help? sounds like we need a new patch. -Malus X 20:20, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

Buggiest quest yet?[edit source]

I don't know if I just hit a streak of bad luck or if other people finding this to be true but of all the bugs and glitches I've encountered in the fallout games, this quest has given me the most. I first experienced a game freeze just as I was headed towards Alice to talk to her about Janet's pay, because of this freeze I had to restart the system, but luckily the auto save from entering the Caravan town was where I restarted so I only had to redo very little. When I headed for Alice again the very same spot where it froze the first time, the frame rate dropped dramatically. I was able to finish this part of the quest and then I picked up the quest Alice gives as well as the quest given by the NCR in the nearby location for completing the quest where you get Pearl to agree to help. Then I fast traveled to the hangar to meet Jack and Janet and this quest was completed. I went to leave the hangar and while it was loading the next area it froze again. This time when I restarted the system my auto save was gone and I had to restart the whole thing over from the beginning as well as finish the quest where you pull the Bomber out of the lake again. When I completed the quest again when I went back to meet jack and Janet at the hangar they somehow had merged into one character (literally half of it was Janet the other half Jack) and he/she just glided around the room without actually walking. I was able to trigger a dialogue with both halves of the person by slightly adjusting my crosshair. Then to top it all off the schematics I stole from the hangar do not work.-- 21:49, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

Re: Alice McLaferty[edit source]

I just confirmed (on xbox) that the quest is still doable even if the player has already killed Alice McLaferty. After giving Janet the Boomer suit, Janet says something to the effect of "Well, with McLaferty dead, my contract is over and I guess I'm free to leave." and then she heads out to meet with Jack. 09:03, November 20, 2010 (UTC)