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The Shi were the descendants of the crew of a Chinese Shi-huang-ti submarine which stranded in San Francisco during the Great War.

The remains of this vessel were probably used to help build the Steel Palace and the ship's onboard supercomputer was established as the Shi Emperor. The computer, while possessing no artificial intelligence, was capable of making predictions based on all factors it has access to, with astonishing accuracy. The apparent leader of the Shi in year 2241 is Ken Lee, advisor to the Emperor, while in truth Ken Lee dictates the Shi actions based on the predictions of the Emperor computer. The Shi have managed to keep many of their old traditions and customs. In 2241, they run an extensive weapons trade, offering pieces of technology usually only available to groups like the Brotherhood of Steel. As of 2242 the Shi are locked in a stalemate with the cult of Hubology over control of the Bay area.