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The Lone Wanderer is the player character in Fallout 3. Supposedly born in Vault 101, the Lone Wanderer leaves in search of their father that escaped the vault to continue Project Purity, a humanitarian effort he started before seeking refuge in the vault. After journeying to Megaton, the D.C. Ruins, and Rivet City, they are reunited with their father in Vault 112. While aiding their father in Project Purity, the Enclave appear and commandeer the project. The Lone Wanderer joins forces with the Brotherhood of Steel to retake control of the project, avenge their father's death and eliminate the Enclave's influence from the Capital Wasteland and its surround regions. In addition to eliminating the Enclave, the Lone Wanderer aids the Brotherhood Outcasts in acquiring pre-War technology, determines the fate of The Pitt, mediates a feud between pre-War powers in the Point Lookout and saves the Earth from aliens that mean to experiment upon its entire population.