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Richard Grey (né Moreau), ominously known as the Master, is the brain behind Unity which roams California during the mid-2200s and is worshiped as a god by the Children of the Cathedral. As a human, he settled in the Hub in 2092 after being exiled from Vault City on charges of murder. On June 23, 2102, Grey and an expedition party stumbled upon the Mariposa Military Base, an Forced Evolutionary Virus research facility. Grey survived the mutated creatures and automated defense systems inside only to be knocked into a vat of F.E.V, where he would remain for almost an entire month. He emerged as what would eventually become known as the Master, a hideous mutant composed of several other creatures and electronic parts with intense psionic abilities to boot. In order to stop the super mutant threat, the Master would be confronted and defeated in the Los Angeles Vault by the Vault Dweller.