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New Vegas is a city in the Mojave Wasteland that was built upon the ruins of Las Vegas, Nevada. New Vegas came out the Great War mostly unscathed, thanks to defense systems developed by multibillionaire Robert House. House rules over New Vegas from the Lucky 38 Casino, a place no one has gone into or come out of in centuries. The main attraction of the city is the New Vegas Strip, which contains multiple entertainment venues, casinos, and hotels. However, outside of the Strip is an entirely different story. Freeside, a neighborhood directly adjacent to the Strip, is filled with lowlifes, chem abusers and hustlers. Westside is a residential neighborhood that is mostly self-sufficient, but still suffers from poverty among its residents. House shows little concern to these surrounding areas, as he is more interested in his plans to rule New Vegas and soon spread his influence beyond the small, yet economically invaluable city.