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Caravan is a popular card game among merchants and caravaneers on the West Coast, where players bet various currencies and stakes are often high. The game is based on strategy rather than luck, so it would never be found in the swanky casinos of New Vegas. At least 30 cards of any value are required to play, although the deck cannot have repeats of card values from the same set. Caravan is played between two players each building three opposing caravans (or "bids") of numbered cards. The goal is to outbid the opponent in all of the three caravans by keeping the number of points on each of above 20, but below 27 while preventing the opponent from doing the same. The value of cards placed in a caravan must be placed in ascending or descending order. Number cards add to the caravan's value equivalent to their number, but face cards transfer special effects onto the card they are played upon. A player's caravan is considered sold when the value of its cards is over 20 and under 27.