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Fo1 Necropolis Bad Ending.png

Necropolis, a town built upon the charred remains of Bakersfield, California, is the grim aftermath of Vault 12; it is best described by Killian Darkwater: "The climate ain't good, rain or shine." The true purpose of that V12 was to keep the doors open regardless of the conditions, which spelled disaster to anyone attempting to seek relief from the irradiated aftermath of the Great War. Accordingly, the residents of vault suffered a slow transformation into ghouls. To most of post-War California's residents, Necropolis was a haunted city, at times a myth used to frighten children: a "city of cannibals" inhabited by brain-eating ghouls. In March of 2162, Unity swept through Necropolis, killing the ghoul inhabitants that did not flee from the invading super mutants.