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This template is meant to auto-generate a comparison of weapon performance between different ammunition types, applying the modifiers via Template:Damage calculator. It is meant to be pasted between header and end templates.

Usage[edit source]

{{Fo2_damage_vs_armor_table/header|Add this field if used on weapon pages}}
{{Fo2 damage vs armor table
|weapon          =Weapon used
|ammo            =Ammo type
|min dam         =Weapon minimal damage. Accepts arbitrary values.
|max dam         =Weapon max damage. Accepts arbitrary values.
|dam type        =Damage type. Use full spelling in lowercase (i.e. normal, laser, fire, plasma, electric, explosive, or emp)
|ammo dividend   =Ammunition damage multiplier (in Mapper). Dividend is used for ease of use.
|ammo divisor    =Ammunition damage divisor.
|ammo DR mod     =Ammunition damage resistance modifier. Use the value without the percentage.
|crit multiplier =Critical multiplier. Default is 2. Higher values are used according to critical hit tables (8 for high damage hits to eyes, 6 to head, and so on and so forth).
|penetrate       =Used to signify that the weapon has Weapon Penetrate

{{Fo2 damage vs armor table
|min dam         =
|max dam         =
|dam type        =
|ammo dividend   =
|ammo divisor    =
|ammo DR mod     =
|crit multiplier =