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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for displaying featured articles on portal pages.

Supports 2 methods of selecting articles:

  • Monthly rotation: Display a rotation of 2-31 articles based on day of the month (with less than 31 articles, articles will be repeated).
  • Full rotation: Display a rotation of 366 articles based on day of the year.


{{Portal section/Shared/Featured article}}
  • Article count and rotation mode can be adjusted via variables within the template.
  • The featured articles need to be named according to the following scheme:
    • "Featured article/<NAME OF PORTAL>/<DAY>" (monthly rotation); e.g. "Featured article/Fallout 2/8".
    • "Featured article/<NAME OF PORTAL>/<DAY> <MONTH>" (full rotation); e.g. "Featured article/Main/6 March".