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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for transcripts – verbatim quotes of ingame sources, except if the holodisks are of a conversation. For example, this includes the actual text of notes, terminals or holodisks.
If the holodisks are of a conversation, then the speakers – if identified – will be identified by their presented (in-game) title to the left of the spoken dialogue followed by a colon.


This is the basic transcript, everything within this is considered verbatim. No need for a Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png template.
This is a sample text.
This is the single exception; in this context the in-game displayed title over the audio is presented.
Vault Dweller: This is a sample text.

Chosen One: This is also a sample text. *cough*

Lone Wanderer: Hello! Did I miss the sample text?


RequiredIcon required.png

The text of the transcript. Unlike normal wiki text, single line breaks are preserved.

OptionalIcon optional.png
(default: "Transcript.png")

Name of icon which should be displayed (without "File:" prefix).

OptionalIcon optional.png

Additional CSS (only use if absolutely necessary).


Documentation transcluded from Template:Transcript/doc.