Tesla Science (Fallout 76)

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Tesla Science Magazine
What is plasma anyway?
EffectsVarious bonuses

Every issue of Tesla Science Magazine you collect adds a rank in the Tesla Science perk, which grants a slight increase to Critical hit damage with Energy weapons.

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Tesla Science is a magazine in Fallout 76.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Finding an issue of Tesla Science will temporarily give a unique bonus, like reduced damage from Plasma weapons or increased Radiation Resistance. The bonus lasts 30 minutes.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Issue Effect Location
Tesla WRRW.png
-25% damage from robots
la Science Magazine  game
-25% damage from all plasma weapons
sla Science Magazine  games
+30% to area of effect for explosives
esla Science Magazine  games        =F76  type         =perkma
Fusion cores are consumed by power armor 15% more slowly
sla Science Magazine
Heavy weapons consume ammo 20% more slowly
esla Science Magazine  games        =F76  type         =
+15 Radiation resistance (doesn't apply to rad weapons)
la Science Magazine  game
+30% VATS crit damage with energy weapons
sla Science Magazine  gam
+15% VATS crit damage with all weapons
la Science Magazine  games        =F76
+30% VATS crit damage with heavy guns

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