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LeadershipThe King
FoundedThe King
Notable MembersPacer
Kings gang member
HeadquartersThe King's School of Impersonation
Notable LocationsFreeside
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesFollowers of the Apocalypse

Freeside is the Kings' turf. Remember that.

The Kings are a gang of Elvis Presley impersonators operating in Freeside in 2281.

Background[edit | edit source]

When Robert House established his rule over the New Vegas Strip in 2274, he offered a ultimatum to the tribes settled in the city: become a willing part of Mr. House's New Vegas, leave the Strip, or die. While the three other tribes outside of the Strip accepted House's offer of employment, and became the Three Families, other tribes refused and got pushed out of the Strip into Freeside, an area to which House had no immediate interest in directing resources.[1]

The remnants of these tribes not taken in by Mr. House, soon to be the Kings, found an old building emblazoned in rock and roll. Inside they found holotapes, jackets, and a seemingly unlimited supply of hair gel to follow in the footsteps of one great leader. It was jested that the building may have been a site for cult worship of a black-coiffed deity with considerable style and singing ability known only as The King.[2] Here to stay, the Kings claim this side of town as their own and prevent Freeside from erupting into complete anarchy.[3]

The gang's leader, known only as "The King", is the most powerful man in the neighborhood.[4] He regards the Kings as a different kind of gang, one that revolves around the central idea that every man is free to follow his own path and do this own thing – "where every man is a king in his own right."[5] However, as of late, the King has been facing a challenge as the NCR appears to be threatening Freeside's sovereignty. He goes as far to call NCR ciitizens "the devil in disguise" and is requesting a mass "return to sender".[6]

Organization[edit | edit source]

As a result of getting evicted from the Strip, the Kings are effectively the de facto rulers of Freeside, but they prefer to take a laissez-faire approach to policing the area, believing that freedom for every man is the most important value to uphold. Not shy to make a few caps, the Kings offer safe escort through Freeside and will even help you fill your water canteen... for a price. Besides these few "services" the Kings generally follow a strict code of suave chivalry.

The Kings are generally held in very high regard and respect by the locals in Freeside, as they often come to their aid against threats from the outside. The only active opposition they face comes from a few scattered groups of the more shady members of the community.

The Kings have explicit rules about their members being born and raised in Freeside, and do therefore not allow outsides to join their organization. The Courier can, however, become a possible extraordinary exception if the right favor is called with the King at the completion of G.I. Blues.

Outside relations[edit | edit source]

Although not from Freeside, the Kings provide assistance for the Followers of the Apocalypse for their work in providing the basic needs of Freeside, such as fresh water and good food, as well as giving medical help and education to Freeside residents.[7] Otherwise, the Kings prefer to control the resources in Freeside, including water. This desire to form a monopoly was one of the reasons Cass was prevented from selling water in the area.[8]

Some members, namely Pacer, seem to butt heads with the local factions more than others. Stationed NCR troops engage in minor disputes that can be resolved in various ways to achieve a level of peace in Freeside. These events are largely played out though one of the faction's main quests, G.I. Blues. A second quest, Nothin' But a Hound Dog, requests the player to help The King's dog, Rex.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Kings are armed with .357 Magnum revolvers, 10mm SMGs, or 10mm pistols. Their light uniforms, Jailhouse Rocker, Memphis kid outfit and Kings outfit, can be equipped as well. Sergio is a special King wielding a unique weapon named Figaro.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Kings appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.

References[edit source]

  1. The Courier: "What can you tell me about Freeside?"
    The King: "To understand Freeside, you have to look back a few years. Originally, we were all just tribes making a living in this area. That all changed when Mr. House came around. He made an offer to the three biggest tribes that were willing to listen to him. Today, everyone calls those tribes the Three Families, and they live in luxury and run their own casinos in the Strip. The rest of us were left to fight over the crumbs, living in the shadow of those more fortunate. Things got pretty nasty for a while. But we wanted more. A place of our own. A place where no one could tell us what to do. And we didn't want to go elsewhere to find it. So we took control of this place, and made it our own. And that's really all Freeside is, the best of a bad situation."
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    After unearthing some strange paraphernalia belonging to a tribe who worshiped some kind of ancient, black—coiffed deity (and as it transpired, a deity with some considerable style and singing talent) a tribe dedicated to him was formed by the scavenger himself, who took on the persona and visage as if divinely inspired. Known as The King, he dresses in a special suit crafted to look like the originator of the look, while his subordinates scavenge denim and leather jackets for their attire. The King is charming, rebellious, and well—dressed. His forces are almost always found in small packs, and have a lot of attitude, bravery, and members. They typically carry small guns, brass knuckles, and melee weapons. The King, and his robotic dog Rex, are currently are facing a challenge as the NCR appears to be threatening their territory. The King is hoping they aren't the devil in disguise."
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    In the two years that followed, Freeside has slowly degenerated into a hostile, lawless den of ne'er-do-wells. For a while, it was completely without order, but two power groups managed to come to an understanding about how the area needed to be maintained. The Kings, formed from the dispossessed remnants of unfortunate tribes, prevent all-out chaos from erupting, but do little to deal with the day-to-day nastiness that Freesiders inflict on each other. The Followers of the Apocalypse, no longer associated with the NCR, settled in the Old Mormon Fort. They receive some protection from the Kings in exchange for help with the community's basic needs (food, water, health services, and some education). Despite the oversight from the Kings and help from the Followers, the people in Freeside live in daily peril... from each other as well as outside forces."
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  5. The Courier: "Tell me about the Kings."
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    (The King's dialogue)
  6. Mr. New Vegas: "Tensions are brewing in Freeside between the ruling gang known as the Kings and the large number of NCR squatters seeking refuge there. The leader of the Kings, who would only identify himself as "The King" voiced his displeasure, calling NCR citizens, quote, the devil in disguise. He added he didn't want to see the NCR in the ghetto, and called for a mass, quote, return to sender."
    (Mr. New Vegas' dialogue) Note: This news story is reported before the completion of the quest G.I. Blues.
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