The Mire

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The Mire
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The Mire is a region in Fallout 76.

Background[edit | edit source]

Known as the "Mire" by the survivors of Appalachia, this swampy region is home to twisting vines, large tree canopies, and tall grass. All easy places for things to hide. Tread deeper into the dark swamp, and you may find mutated plants known as "strangler vines" that infest the Mire. They attach to living things, notably the large trees in the area. The Mire is also home to the Dyer Chemical plant, which originally produced animal feed and other phosphates used for nearby farms. Another place to check for signs of life is Harpers Ferry, a small town that depended on tourism: This put them at odds with the growing "Free States" movement, whose conspiracy theories put off patriotic visitors. The Mire is also home to the Survival Training Center, a survival skills training facility, open to tourists who want to learn how to rough it out in the wilderness.

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The Mire is a region of Fallout 76