The Outcast Collection Agent

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The Outcast Collection Agent
Fo3M Outcast Collection Agent.jpg
Quest data
LocationFort Independence
Given ByProtector Casdin
Reward5.56mm ammunition
Frag grenades
The trust of the Outcasts

The Outcast Collection Agent is an unmarked repeatable quest in Fallout 3.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To further the Outcasts' recovery efforts, the player is given the option to trade pieces of technology (regardless of condition) to Protector Casdin, in exchange for supplies. Casdin offers a choice of the following, in quantities according to the perceived value of the item:

Once the Lone Wanderer has gathered 50 "points" worth of technology trading (see table below), they are told that they are considered an ally of the Outcasts. This has two benefits. First, they can enter Fort Independence without turning the Outcasts hostile. Second, Casdin will not confiscate Outcast power armor from the player anymore.

Value table[edit | edit source]

Item Base Value Points 5.56mm Grenades RadAway Stimpaks
Scrap metal (2)1 2 (for two) 1 12 1 1 1
Sensor module 30 1 12 1 1 1
Laser pistol 320 2 24 2 2 2
Laser rifle 1000 4 96 5 5 5
Plasma pistol 360 3 48 3 3 3
Plasma rifle 1800 5 144 7 7 7
Alien blaster 500 10 484 20 20 20
Alien power cell (12)1 120 (for 12 Charges) 7 240 11 11 11
Power armor 740 (t-45d) 6 192 9 9 9
Power helmet 110 (t-45d) 3 48 3 3 3
Enclave power armor 780 7 240 11 11 11
Enclave power helmet 110 3 48 3 3 3
Tesla armor2 820 8 288 13 13 13

1Scrap metal must be traded in groups of two; alien power cells must be traded in groups of twelve.
2Casdin will not take Tesla helmets.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Casdin will not accept unique versions of any equipment or DLC content.
  • If the player has an item accepted by the Outcasts equipped, they will be unable to trade any items of this type in, as the dialogue option will not appear. Unequip and trade to get around this limit.
  • Items traded in are removed from the player's inventory and placed in Casdin's. Since this is done by script, rather than transferring the items, all of the goods in Casdin's possession have 100% durability.
    • Items can be recovered from Casdin's inventory using pickpocketing, Paralyzing Palm, and weapons with a knock-down effect such as the Victory rifle, Gauss rifle, or cryo grenades. Being caught pickpocketing will not turn Casdin hostile, but other methods will if the player has not earned the ally status with the Outcasts. If Casdin is turned hostile it will not turn other Outcasts hostile, and Casdin will become friendly again in as little as 3 hours.