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The Parlor terminals

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This page lists The Parlor terminals.

Lizzie Wyath's Terminal

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Welcome text

Persuasion Formula Test Notes


Test One


First go of the formula was a flop.

This "subject" William supplied me with, turns out he was a Jet-head. Pretty sure that's what caused the reaction to formula that he suffered. Killed himself seizing. Broke some of my equipment in the process. Will need to account for that in future batches. Don't want to have to replace this stuff again.

Just hope I didn't risk my neck sneaking into the far reaches of the Galactic Zone for nothing.

Test Two


Progress. Second "subject" was another heavy drug user (what else are we going to find around here?), but no seizures this time.

Spraying the target with the formula, however, doesn't seem to have made persuading her any easier. Now, once I injected it, I feel like she started listening more attentively, but it was hard to tell over the screaming.

On to test three, I suppose.

Test Three


Finally, some real results.

This subject was older. Female. In her forties. Looks like some kind of farmer or something equally awful.

Applied the gas and for a good minute, was able to get her to agree with a series of increasingly less reasonable suggestions. Hand me that pen. Take off your shoes. Take off your clothes. She balked when I asked her to start mutilating herself, but still, progress.

Going to have William prepare a room. I think our guest will be staying for a while.

Test Four


More general testing with Mrs. Farmer, who William's taken to calling Annette, after the janitor that "disappeared" back when we were all still living in Diamond City.

Progress continues, though I'm finding that persuasion is still crucial to getting what I want - if I can't sell why my demands are a good idea, there's little chance for my suggestions to take hold.

However, when offered correctly, I've managed to get Annette to put herself at greater and greater risk. Particular fun was when I succeeded in convincing her to pick the pocket of a Disciple in the market. Disciple managed to take a chunk out of Annette before I could intervene, but nothing some gauze and antiseptic couldn't patch up.

Made sure to give the Disciple's description to William. Can't stand it when people damage my toys.

Test Five


Decided it was time to run a real test of the formula. I'd order Annette to do a task outside the Parlor. Unsupervised. Give her the chance to run and see if she'd actually return.

First step was, of course, getting her in a state where she'd WANT to run. After a few days of pain, I gave her a dose and asked her to collect some ingredients for me from the market. All by herself.

Almost. William was watching from the rooftop, just in case she did decide to run.

And so we sat. A minute. Two minutes. Three. Waiting in the Parlor with Mags, I could see the disapproving frown start to edge in at the corners of her mouth. But five full minutes later, who comes limping back into the Parlor.

Lovely Annette. Arms full of exactly what I asked. Even set a new duration record for a single dose of the formula.

Now, unfortunately, the wounds she'd sustained during our "prep" ended up getting the best of her not long after, but still, we all knew a success when we saw one.

Test Six


After our positive results with Annette, Mags requested some broader testing.

First up - the market.

While perusing Maddox's stall, I let a canister slip out of my bag. Not sure if it was the noise, smells, or a dozen other possible issues, but the test went nowhere. Maddox responded to exactly zero of my demands. I was hoping I could finally do the whole park a favor and get him to cut off that ugly topknot.

Seems it was not to be.

Test Seven


More failure.

Mags wanted to see if we might be able to perhaps use the formula to get one of the local Brahmin trains to favor us with some additional supplies, but with no success.

Another scenario to cross off the list.

Test Eight


This batch had apparently gone bad without me realizing it. Got the bruises to show for it.

Test Nine


Finally, another success.

William brought me in another farmer, who responded much the same as Annette did. A thread to follow, it would seem.

Test Ten


And we have our results. Caravans, no. Markets, no.

But settlements, it would appear, are what this formula was made for.

Maybe it's the exhaustion brought on by manual labor, the bad water, but something about that environment, Annette's wretched environment, appears to favor the gas.

I decided I'd track my way back to test subject nine's little dirt pit and see what I could get to happen when I deployed the gas.

Before I knew it, I had them feeding me their winter stores, handing over whatever caps they had, and ultimately convincing them their Brahmin sty was better in my hands. Off they shuffled, sad, but unable to refuse.

And the looks on their faces... truly something to behold.

Mags Black's Terminal

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Welcome text

Major Players, Nuka-World


Nisha - Disciples


- Taken by Raiders at a young age. Believes deeply in the power of violence. Makes her a dangerous adversary.

 - That said, has a penchant for justice among her own. Stole gang from previous leader by gaining their respect, rather than through graft or deception. Irritatingly hard to exploit people like that.

 - Ultimately, acts as a stabilizing agent among the Disciples. Means Nisha's place in their hierarchy should not be tampered with. Dull, but the right move. Any other Disciple in that role would likely lead to utter havoc (Dixie springs to mind).

Nisha - Disciples (Defunct)

Dixie - Disciples


- True psychopath. Clever, devious, bloodthirsty. Suspect she's responsible for the death of at least three Operators since our arrival, very likely more.

- Takes and treasures souvenirs from her victims. Someone meddling with her toys might be able to get her to do something rash, should the need arise.

- Granted her current position by Nisha, probably to support the girl's vanity. Much less likely to turn on her boss if she thinks she's respected.

- Thanks to that, she does seem to honor Nisha's authority. Doesn't appear to have plans to claim leadership for herself. Best for all of us it stays that way.

Dixie - Disciples (Defunct)

Savoy - Disciples


- Nisha's enforcer. Fiercely loyal. Likely the only reason the man's been given a place of prominence among their little coven.

- Had one of our girls attempt to seduce him, see if we might be able to sway him as a contact, but to no avail.

- Had one of the boys try, too. Similar results.

- Suspect he's probably working for/with the only person he has eyes for. Would explain the loyalty.

Savoy - Disciples (Defunct)

Mason - Pack


- Current Pack Alpha. Displaced his two predecessors by tarring and feathering them, sending them out into the wastes.

- Pack law states members can only shame one another, never kill. Both former Alphas were never heard from again after being given the boot. Acquiring proof of their deaths could be useful leverage. Will send out a search party, see what they can turn up.

- Otherwise, man's more nuisance than threat. Like the rest of the Pack.

Mason - Pack (Defunct)

Gage - Unaffiliated


- One half of the alleged "masterminds" behind the Nuka-World plan. Clearly as much of a rube as the rest of us.

- It does seem like he honestly believed in Colter. Now, though, just seems worried he's going to share Colter's fate if things don't get back on track. Not wrong. Undoubtedly moved on this new Overboss to protect his own neck.

- However, man genuinely does appear to believe that Nuka-World can be used to make us all rich. So, does have some value.

Colter - Idiot


- No one's problem anymore.

Parlor Employee's Terminal

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Welcome text

Performance List

The Phantom Of The Nuka


The Phantom Of The Nuka

The Phantom, who lives in the catacombs beneath a bottling plant, longs to find a drink that can satisfy his three-hundred year old thirst. Due to his horrific appearance and his self-imposed estrangement from society, his hopes of getting his hands on a Nuka-Cola seem impossible until the plant hires the beautiful Kristine. The Phantom is enraptured by Kristine and hatches a scheme that he hopes can unite the two of them together to quench his thirst for Nuka-Cola before his body dries up and withers away.

The Best Little Nuka-House In Boston


The Best Little Nuka-House In Boston

Miss Nona Strangely runs the Nuka-House, a soft drink establishment that she built outside of Boston. She wants to serve all of the locals delicious Nuka-Cola twenty four hours a day, but a crusading television reporter who thinks milk is healthier for your body wants to shut her down. It's up to Miss Strangely and her friend the local sheriff to stop the reporter in his tracks before it's too late.

A Soft Drink Named Desire


A Soft Drink Named Desire

Kim and her husband, Tom, work at the local Nuka-Cola plant. Tom and Kim are responsible for coming up with new flavors, but have been stuck for over a month. If they don't come up with a new flavor soon, they're afraid they'll both be fired. Enter Vivien, Kim's sister from small-town Mississippi. With her southern charm and her bigger-than life personality, she moves in with Kim and Tom looking for a better life in the big city. Together, the three of them learn that the best flavor can't come from hard numbers and science, it's all about happiness, togetherness and friendship.

Fizzy Robb


Fizzy Robb, The Quantum-Maker of Sweet-Street

Fizzy runs a drugstore with his assistant Mrs. Loveit where he serves delicious and refreshing Nuka-Cola. His customers love the place, but they're longing for a new flavor... something eye-catching and amazingly bold. In desperation, Fizzy starts sending random ingredients down a chute to Mrs. Loveit who's laboratory is in the shop's basement. Low and behold, after mixing all the ingredients into her cauldron, Mrs. Loveit is startled to see a beautiful blue glow. Is this the start of a taste sensation that will propel Fizzy's shop to new heights?

Parlor Management Memo #37


With the cut in staff, we're going to have to ask all of the stage technicians to perform janitorial work. That means sweeping, clearing dishes, fixing minor damage and cleaning up the main dining area. And before you all come grumbling, remember that you're all lucky to have a job at all. According to Mr. Huxley, The Parlor is one of the more expensive attractions at the park with the worst visitor turnaround. I'm doing everything I can to keep us open, I just need your help.

Parlor Management Memo #23


With the Halloween Spooktacular coming up next month, we need to strike all the Best Little Nuka-House Sets and start working on the Phantom of the Nuka sets immediately. We usually have the sets under construction in the backstage areas a month before the show, but no one has had the time. Looks like we're working after hours this week, folks. Come see me for specific assignments.

Parlor Management Memo #19


I know that The Best Little Nuka-House in Boston features all sorts of "foot-stomping" musical numbers, but we cannot allow guests to get up on the tables and dance. We've had far too many people slipping and falling. If you see a guest standing up on any furniture, kindly ask them to be seated.