The Pitt Downtown terminals

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Gametitle-FO3 TP.png

The Pitt Downtown terminals are found in two terminals called "Postal Terminal DPW" in the Downtown area of the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

DPW Mail Terminal


-->Pittsburgh Department of Public Works
-->Interoffice Mail Terminal

-->Logged in as: Director Hadley James

Subject: New Smithfield Street Bridge


Director James,

I am once again writing to encourage you to resign your position following the disastrous reconstruction of the Wabash Bridge. While I understand that it was your desire to unify the city's skyline, we at the Pittsburgh Heritage Society feel that replacing the historical Wabash Bridge with a simple copy of the 10th Street structure was laziness bordering on criminal negligence on the part of the Department of Public Works. As the director of the department, the Society holds you responsible.

I will be addressing this matter at the next meeting of the county administrators.

Emily Weise
Pittsburgh Heritage Society

Subject: New Seating Assignments


Hadley, come on! You put me next to Jenkins? Seriously? I can't stand that guy. He smells like moldy feet and he chews his damn gum so loud I can't concentrate. I've been here four months longer than Bill. You should switch our desks and make him be near Jenkins.


Subject: Do You Hear That?


I was in your office the other day Hadley and I couldn't help noticing that there's some sort of sound coming from the wall. I think you might have mice. You should get maintenance to check that out.

Subject: Phone Messages


Mr. James,

Your wife called. She wants you to pick up milk and a case of Cram on the way home. Also, Miss Stevens called and thanked you for lunch, and wanted to confirm for the same time next Tuesday.

DPW Mail Terminal


Doctor Borman's Office Log
JournalSoft v2.3

-->Logged in as: Nurse Hicks

Patient Log 148


Patient: M. Cramer

Symptoms: Patient complaining of myalgia as well as swollen and enlarged lymph nodes. In addition, patient reports a feeling of "unease". Suspected asymptomatic herpetic infection. Performed AR series of tests and exams. Samples sent to UMS for analysis.

Patient Log 147


Patient: R. Jenkins

Symptoms: Patient presents runny nose, fever, swollen feet, bad breath, headache, jaundice, and extreme perspiration. Honestly, I have no clue what's wrong with him, but performing tests seems to make his symptoms lessen.

Personal Log 48


Dr. Borman asked me to look into new office space. Being this close to the mills is terrible for the patients. But he says that we can afford a new office now. Ever since the Canadian annex, we've had a lot of vets in the office, so the numbers are looking way up. War might be hell, but it's good for some of us!