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The Pitt Uprising

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The Pitt Uprising
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LocationThe Pitt, Pennsylvania
  • Ashur is killed and Uptown is overrun with Trogs. All remaining Pitt slaves are set free.
  • Wernher and his rebellion defeated. The Pitt returns to normal.
Involved parties
Pitt raidersPitt slaves
Ishmael Ashur
Pitt raidersPitt slaves
Connected events
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Lord Ashur! The slaves are rioting, and someone's armed them! We need you out here, and fast!


The Pitt Uprising was a slave revolt that occurred around 2277 in The Pitt.


Main article: Scourge

In 2255, the Brotherhood of Steel led an expedition to Washington, D.C. to recover ancient technology from the former capital. In their travels, they came across the ruins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, now know as The Pitt. In what later became known as the Scourge, the Brotherhood of Steel swept through the city and slaughtered the raiders, slavers and other undesirables.[1] Although the raid was largely a success, one of their Paladins, Ishmael Ashur, was lost when there was an explosion in The Mill.[2] Sure that he was dead, his Brothers left him in the rubble. He awoke from his unconscious state when someone pulled at his armor, looking to scavenge it. Realizing that a functional steel mill was a chance to start over and build again, Ashur began to rebuild the city with the help of the scavengers who revered him as a god.[3]

From then on, Lord Ashur slowly built the city. Because the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion made it impossible to expand naturally, The Pitt depended on taking in raider bands in order to grow. After Ashur killed the attacking raider's leader, Ashur would recruit and integrate the remaining raiders into his regime.[4] While Ashur built his army, much to his regret, he also had to forcefully recruit workers to keep the expanding settlement supplied and armed.[4] As he oversaw the development of the sprawling city, Ashur took up residence in Haven and took a scientist, Sandra Kundanika, as his wife. In 2277, she gave birth to a baby girl, Marie, who was naturally immune to the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion. Ashur and Sandra quickly got to work developing a cure for The Pitt's mutations.


In 2277, a man named Wernher escaped slavery from The Pitt in search of help to free his people and turn the tables on their masters. He organized the coup with the help of Midea, but the plan required the assistance of a healthy, able outsider to infiltrate the Pitt raiders without being recognized.[5][6][7] In the Capital Wasteland, he found the Lone Wanderer who agreed to accompany him to The Pitt.

Once there, the Lone Wanderer met with Midea who explained the circumstances of the rebellion. Someone needed to get close enough to Ashur to steal the TDC cure and a slave, Marco, had been supplying the slaves with weapons for some time in preparation of the rebellion. After being ordered out to search for steel ingots in the steelyard, the Lone Wanderer took the opportunity to earn their freedom by fighting in The Hole.[8] When being congratulated by Lord Ashur on their new-found freedom, the slaves revolted in The Pitt Downtown and marched on Uptown, seeking to overtake Haven.[9] If the Lone Wanderer aided in the revolt, they turned off the flood lights in Uptown and trogs overran the district. Alternatively, the Lone Wanderer quelled the rebellion for Ashur and killed Wernher, leaving the cure in the hands of the Pitt raiders.


Should the slaves be assisted in their uprising by the Lone Wanderer, the Lone Wanderer and Wernher would become the de facto rulers of The Pitt, while Midea cared for Marie and continued to research the cure. Should the Pitt raiders stomp out the rebellion, The Pitt would return to normal, albeit with a smaller workforce and work on the cure would continue under Sandra Kundanika.


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    Kodiak:"Now that's a story... The only reason I'm here is because of Elder Lyons. You see, I grew up in the Pitt. Don't suppose you've ever been there, huh? It's about 500 klicks to the northwest. Place is a nightmare -- three irradiated rivers coming together. People there were... not well. But the Brotherhood of Steel came down on the place with a righteous hammer. They called it "The Scourge.""
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    (Wernher's dialogue)
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