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The Unstoppables

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Fallout 4The Unstoppables
Fallout 76The Unstoppables
All five heroes, assembled.

The Unstoppables was a Hubris Comics comic book series that featured their most popular heroes fighting together against super-powered villains.


Bringing together five popular heroes in the Hubris Comics lineup: Mistress of Mystery, The Silver Shroud, Grognak the Barbarian, The Inspector, and Manta Man (in an apparent attempt to salvage his flagging popularity). Together, they would face off against a variety of foes, including fantasy spirits, giant dinosaurs, aliens from another galaxy, and of course, various un-American villains: Communist and anti-capitalists. All issues were approved by the American Comics Code, apparently, as sufficiently patriotic and educational, and sold at $15 apiece.[1]

The Unstoppables! appear to have been one of the more popular franchises, as Hubris Comics licensed Don't Be Bored Games Company to create a board game based on their adventures: Unstoppable Shindig![2]




Who Can Stop The Unstoppable Grog-Na-Rök?

Fo4 Unstoppables Grognarok.png

Centered on Grognak the Barbarian, this issue features the great barbarian possessed by the villainous spirit, Ragnarök, and defeating the entire Unstoppable team, with only the Mistress of Mystery left as the last woman standing.[3]

Commie-Kazi vs. Manta Man

Fo4 Unstoppables Commie-Kazi.png

The issue focuses on Hubris' less popular hero, Manta Man, confronting his ultimate foes in the depths of the ocean: The fiendish Commie-Kazi, surgically-altered dolphin suicide bombers.[4]

Trapped in the Dimension of the Pterror-Dactyls!

Fo4 Unstoppables Pterrordactyls.png

The entire team is trapped in the dimension of the eponymous Pterror-Dactyls, giant aeromobile dinosaurs. It appears that Manta Man, thanks to his cape, would have the advantage in fighting these monsters.[5]

Visit the Ux-Ron Galaxy!!

Fo4 Unstoppables Ux-Ron Galaxy.png

Flung far away from home, to a galaxy far-far away, the Unstoppables meet and interact with a variety of aliens ranging from the strange to the absolutely bizarre. It appears that Grognak the Barbarian in particular has a terrific time, challenging a giant sentient lobster to arm-wrestling.[6]

Can Our Heroes Stop Dr. Brainwash And His Army Of De-Capitalists?

Fo4 Unstoppables Clean.png

The most overtly political issue, where the intrepid heroes face off against Dr Brainwash and his army of robotic De-Capitalists, the foundation of freedom, democracy, and the American world order.[7]

Other media

Unstoppable Shindig!

Gameplay article:

The Unstoppable Shindig!, created by the Don't Be Bored Games Company, was a game for up to five players, allowing them to play any of the five Unstoppable heroes and focused on confronting the ultimate nemeses of the heroes. The rules included spinning to determine which of the Unstoppables' foes would be waiting behind the prop mystery door. According to the promotional blurb, it was one of the most popular board games manufactured by the company.[8]



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