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This is the home page of a Vault project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see The Vault:Projects.

The File maintenance project is a project which aims to raise the quality of images used in articles, to better manage and categorize existing files, and to cull unused or superseded files.

Scope[edit source]

Initially, it is envisaged that the project will focus on images used in NPC articles - as such, this will indirectly assist the various Fallout character projects.

This entails all the categories found in Category:character images, and their respective sub-categories, which include:

Guidelines[edit source]

  • Identify quality issues with images (fuzzy, unclear, too dark, poor composition, file size excessive, resolution too low, HUD overlay etc) and tag with {{bad image}}.
  • Locate unused/superseded files and tag with {{unused|~~~~~}}.
  • Check each image for correct licensing and categorization.
  • Add a brief description to each image if none exists, preferably including the character name, game, and location.
  • Assist with improving or replacing images in the Image improvement needed category.

Participants[edit source]

To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.

Inactive Participants[edit source]

  • Will lighten/work with all Fallout 1 and 2 pictures, so ask before editing existing ones or uploading new ones

Progress[edit source]

Fallout character images[edit source]

Fallout 2 character images[edit source]

Fallout 3 character images[edit source]

Broken Steel character images[edit source]

Mothership Zeta character images[edit source]

Operation: Anchorage character images[edit source]

Point Lookout character images[edit source]

The Pitt character images[edit source]