Thomas Brennan's Announcement

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Thomas Brennan's Announcement
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Thomas Brennan's Announcement is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.

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Warden Brennan: Attention, inmates. This is Warden Brennan speaking. This morning, you were fitted with what the guards told you was a "Prisoner Collar." This collar is an explosive device that will detonate if you attempt to leave Eastern Regional. Now, before some of you panic and try to remove the collar, I feel it's important to advise you that doing so will also detonate the device. Please don't think of these collars as a punishment, think of them as a benefit. You will no longer be under scrutiny by guards, and you will no longer be forced to sit in your tiny cells as punishment for your crimes. If you stay within the confines of this facility, you're free to roam about and do what you please. However, if any of you choose to abuse this newly-found freedom, know that I will not hesitate to manually detonate your collar. Provided we understand each other, I am certain that the rest of your sentence at Eastern Regional will pass quietly and comfortably. Your cell doors are now unlocked. Enjoy your new life without bars, inmates.

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