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Thomas Davis

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Mentioned-only character
Thomas Davis
Biography and appearance
AffiliationUnited States of America
United States Marine Corps (formerly)
Bar Harbor Bowling League
RankPrivate First Class
FamilyUnnamed father
Unnamed mother
Unnamed uncle
Unnamed aunt
Daisy Davis (cousin)
Mentioned inFallout 4

Thomas Davis was the Bar Harbor Bowling League champion of 2075 and 2076, and veteran of the United States Marine Corps in 2077.


The Man

Thomas Davis was the Bar Harbor Bowling League champion of 2075 and 2076, and member of the staff at Beaver Creek Lanes. As a member of the staff he had to deal the with consistent vandalism of the Vim machines on their property. Despite constant vigilance they were unsuccessful at catching the culprit, however he did learn from Jan that the Bar Harbor Museum was also experiencing the same vandalism.[1]

Despite the recent targeted vandalism he loved his profession, he got to work with the game that he loved and with his friends. In his words, working there with all of his friends had been one of the best parts of his life. After he learned of his imminent deployment, his friend Mark Wilson accidentally revealed the going away party for him. He was flattered and helped with the party planning. Reminding them to make sure that the party goers responded, so that they knew how much fiddleheads they'd needed for Mrs. Hannah Miller. She using them to cater her famous Fried Fiddleheads.[1]

He was also a man who truly loved his country; simply put, he was a Marine. Although he didn't know where he was to be deployed to, he knew that he was departing via Hawaii and promised his friends that he'd send some pineapples if they promised not to try to bowl with them.[1] He would keep in touch with them, sending them postcards until suddenly stopping in April.[2]

The Marine

His tour of duty was a short one, although harrowing and honorable. He was stationed on a destroyer when in April 2077 something happened – the Navy being really tight lipped about the matter – and she sunk. In the commotion he went MIA until roughly mid June, afterword he was given the Navy Distinguished Service Medal for bravery and an honorable discharge. [2]

The Navy waited to contact his parents until they know if he was going to survive his injuries. He did, however he received some kind of spinal injury and the doctors say he will probably never walk – let alone bowl – again. In the mean time, his family and friends were there for one another. Once his cousin Daisy received the news – sometime around the end of June, the beginning of July – about him she asked Mark to pass along the information.[2]

Friendship and ingenuity

Throughout it all this close nit group of friends and family were there for one another, never wavering. When they heard of Thomas' condition they took the news hard. One night, quarter to three, Mark & Matthew would get to talking over shooting the balls back up the return and checking the machinery when they came up with an idea. Maybe they could help Thomas bowl that perfect game he was so close to. Thomas' arms still worked, so they came up with the idea of a sort of Bowling gun built out of the ball return and a strong motor attached to a board.[3] Meanwhile Thomas would come up with his own solution, a negative handicap; to give everyone an equal footing and provide extra challenge for top level players.[4]

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Although their original idea would prove to be a colossal failure – it only achieved sanding off the edges of the balls – they began to discus the ideal with some of the old timers. Jacob brought up the idea that they should just get and modify one of the new Fat Man catapults. Determined, they followed this advice, they talked to a guy, who knew a guy that knows a guy... eventually they found one at an old surplus center out in the willywacks, and traded a couple tanks of gasoline for it. Illegally, but hey they're only gonna kill pins with it, so what the hell right?[5]

During the development – October 6 – they forgot to reduce the tension springs and the first ball they launched flew straight through the wall of the office and stove-in a table in the dining area. Knocked Mr. Clark out of his chair, nearly killing him. Matthew and Daisy talked with Mr. Clark and convinced him not to sue, he understands it was a mishap. Unhurt and shook up he agreed not to sue for all of his games and half his beer tab are on the house. Meanwhile an insurance adjuster had to be called in the next day – October 7, he also had to be convinced. Daisy would spread the word that if he asks anyone, to tell them "Matthew and Mark were working on repairing the mechanism from one of the ball returns and it went haywire." The Striker was effectively complete, although they never managed to adjust the firing speed.[6] In better news, they'd gotten word that Thomas would be returning early in December and it was at this time that Mark and Daisy would work on building a temporary ramp for his wheelchair, util Matthew can get a permanent one installed.[6]

However it was not long after this that the insurance adjuster and the structural engineer would conclude that the building is unsafe. But she wouldn't know if it can be repaired or if the whole building has to come down till the debris is cleared out. Matthew would talk with the insurance company to see if there is any sort of emergency wages they can get for the employees but the company was fighting him pretty hard.[7]


With the alleyway was closed, he gathered up as much as he can out of their lockers and brought them and their final paychecks to the coffee shop at noon on October 20. He adding a little extra to their checks – wishing it could be more, but it's all he's got until the insurance payed out.[7] Thomas however would not make it home, on October 23 the rest of the management would play their final set, they all dying from the radiation where they were.[8] Afterword, a landslide would partially bury the building and the wight from debris carried down would eventually crash through the ceiling.[9]


Thomas Davis is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.