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Thomas Nelson

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Mentioned-only character
Thomas Nelson
Biography and appearance
AffiliationUnited States Army
RoleSCYTHE Program Director
Mentioned inFallout 4

Colonel Thomas Nelson was the Director of the SCYTHE Program, a secretive Army initiative meant to complement the military's existing production capacity by covertly converting civilian factories. Notable corporations he worked with involved HalluciGen, Incorporated[1] and Wilson Atomatoys. The latter was a particularly unpleasant experience, as Arlen Glass, the company's co-founder and head engineer was disgusted by Marc Wilson's decision to convert a toy factory into an assembly line for land mines of all things.[2][3] Nevertheless, the incident did not seem to affect relations between Col. Nelson and the company's CEO, as he saw fit to give Marc advance warning on the coming nuclear exchange.[4]


Thomas Nelson is mentioned only in Fallout 4.