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Thomas Reinhardt

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Mentioned-only character
Thomas Reinhardt
Biography and appearance
AffiliationArcJet Systems
Mentioned inFallout 4

Thomas Reinhardt was the CEO of ArcJet Systems.


With the company's finances in trouble Mr. Reinhardt had gambled that he would acquire the contract for the Mars Shot Project's propulsion and communications systems, starting work on the XMB Booster Engine six months prior. Hoping to put ArcJet Systems on the map of the aerospace industry.[1] To further boost productivity he decided to hire a well known scientist with aptitude with nuclear propulsion systems. Namely Dr. Rory McClellan, whom he had to hire away from a previous military contracting job.[2] The gambles would pay off, and the company would be on solid financial footing by the end of 2075.[3]

With the acquisition of the company's first and only contract for the United States Space Administration Thomas Reinhardt had the company's security team implement a new security strategy for the complex. Including the implementation of a better password system for the computers.[4] This however didn't prevent a reporter sneaking past security and through the entire Engine Core wing right as Dr. Rory McClellan started a few second test firing on the XMB Booster Engine. Needless to say he was livid, and ordered his security lead – Sam Brent – to clean up the evidence. (For this kind of accident was which he was hired to do just in case.) Promising that if this came back to bite the company he would personally make sure that Mr. Brent would take the fall.[5]

In March the USSA demanded that the booster not exceed maximum weight limits putting the company one month behind schedule and a product a few hundred tons over weight. Although Dr. McCleean assured him that he would soon have a solution, he started to panic. His anger flared, and according to the Doctor, was reminiscent of that of a of some of the army generals he worked with in the past. After yelling for a while, he realized there wasn't much to be done about it, he calmed down and they worked out the problem.[6]

In June 2076 the USSA started their public relations campaign for the Mars Shot Project and ArcJet Systems found itself caught right in the middle. In the span of a week, he fielded fifteen separate interviews with everyone asking the same questions over and over again. They all want to know when we're delivering the XMB Booster so they can take their pictures of the test firing. At this point he was left with an incomplete product that he was unsure that could be delivered. All he can do is keep smiling and lying through my teeth that the XMB will be delivered when it's ready.[7] Four months later McClelln and his team would deliver on his promise. Thomas was absolutely over the moon when the doctor delivered the news, and took him and his team to a local bar to celebrate.[8]

When the booster was finally ready for its photo opportunity in February of 2077 they planned a spectacular show. Their plan was to stick the reporters in the control room and let them shoot their pictures through the thermoglass window after Dr. McClellan gave them a short explanation of how the booster works.[9] This however was ruined when a reporter snuck past their security and wandered into the Engine Core a few hours early. Dr. McClellan was running a quick test on the booster, letting it run for only a few seconds to make sure it was ready for the demonstration and burned the photographer into ash. With no one else seeing what happened he had Sam Brent (who was specifically hired in case of such an accident) take care of the remains. He correctly surmised that if word of this accident goes public, they would be shut down, prosecuted, and the company assets sold off.[10]

By September 2077 the unrest overseas is made the USSA nervous about proceeding with the Mars Shot Project. Telling their contractors that they're going to have to delay a year or more depending on what happens. With the company is perpetual limbo all he could do was tr try to keep morale up as the world was falling down around them. Hoping the government would work things out and they can all get back to work.[11] That wouldn't happen.


Thomas Reinhardt is mentioned only in Fallout 4.