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Torres' dialogue

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Torres' dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file
Conversation ChallengePlayer ChallengePlayer An outsider! In the bunker! DialogueBo_ChallengePlayer_00164E21_1
Conversation HVTorresVeronica HVTorresVeronica Can't complain. Not like there's anywhere else to go, right? VDialogueH_HVTorresVeronic_00163C74_1
Conversation HVTorresVeronica HVTorresVeronica With everyone getting to go to the surface, I'm a little jealous, but I'll be fine. VDialogueH_HVTorresVeronic_00163C75_1
Topic VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic000 Show me what you have for sale. Our patrols are always bringing more stuff in. Take a look. VDialogueH_VDialogueHidden_0015FD06_1
Topic VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic001 I could look around for the pistol. If you happen to find it, bring it here right away. I might be able to throw a few supplies your way if you do. VDialogueH_VDialogueHidden_0015FCFC_1
Cut contentIcon cut.pngTopic VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic002 McNamara gave me permission to use the store, so start selling. Blank topic found in VDialogueHiddenValley
Topic VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic003 Anything I can help you with? If you must know, my inventory check this week shows that our weapon count is one short. Somehow we're missing a laser pistol. VDialogueH_VDialogueHidden_0015FCDF_1
Topic VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic003 Anything I can help you with? Hardin will have my head if I don't find that weapon soon. I can't delay my report to him any longer. VDialogueH_VDialogueHidden_0015FCDF_2
Topic HVTorresFoundGun I've got it right here. Oh thank god. Hardin was about to start an inquiry into the whole affair, and more than a few heads would have rolled as a result. VDialogueH_HVTorresFoundGu_0010A6EA_1
Topic HVTorresFoundGun I've got it right here. Since you helped me, I'll tell you what. I work on some of our busted weapons in my spare time, so I have a few pieces that are kept off the books. VDialogueH_HVTorresFoundGu_0010A6EA_2
Topic HVTorresFoundGun I've got it right here. Here, take this. I hope it comes in handy. VDialogueH_HVTorresFoundGu_0010A6EA_3
Topic HVTorresHaventFoundGun Sorry, I haven't found it yet. Then we have nothing further to talk about. VDialogueH_HVTorresHaventF_0010A6D7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You must be the stranger I've been hearing about. Sorry, but I'm strictly forbidden from offering our tech to outsiders like yourself. VDialogueH_GREETING_000E2F75_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Besides, I'm a little busy right now. VDialogueH_GREETING_000E2F75_2
Topic GREETING GREETING Sorry, outsider, but I'm not allowed to sell you anything without the Elder's say so. VDialogueH_GREETING_00163AC3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Besides, I'm a little busy right now. VDialogueH_GREETING_00163AC3_2 VDialogueH_GREETING_000E2F75_2
Topic GREETING GREETING I can't believe Hardin is Elder now. At least with the lockdown lifted I'll be able to resupply my store more often. So what are you here for? VDialogueH_GREETING_00163AC4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Have you heard the news? Elder McNamara has lifted the lockdown! Good news for this store, let me tell you. I can't wait to start getting more goods. VDialogueH_GREETING_00163AC5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So what are you here for? VDialogueH_GREETING_00163AC5_2
Topic GREETING GREETING The word came down from the Elder that I'm to offer you some of our lesser wares, as if I didn't have other matters on my mind. VDialogueH_GREETING_00163AC6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Have you found it? I need to give my report to Hardin soon. VDialogueH_GREETING_0010A6FA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hi there. Looking to spend some caps? VDialogueH_GREETING_0010A6F9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You again? Didn't I tell you I was busy? VDialogueH_GREETING_0010A6FB_1


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