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Total Hack
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Control Robots
Editor IDPerkMagTotalHack01 to PerkMagTotalHack03
Base ID00094734 (issue 1)

00094735 (issue 2)

00094736 (issue 3)

Every issue of Total Hack you collect adds a new, unique functionality to certain terminals, like the ability to control spotlights or turrets.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

Total Hack is a perk magazine in Fallout 4.


Each issue of Total Hack gives you a unique holotape. The holotape allows you to hack its corresponding device.

In order to hack a device, you must interact with a connected terminal, and then load the corresponding holotape. If the terminal is connected to more than one protectron/spotlight/turret, you can only hack the first unique device (ex. one spotlight and one turret).


Closest location marker Location description Effect Issue RefID
Wattz Consumer Electronics On the terminal desk beside the northern wall of the basement server room. Includes the Protectron hacking source code. 00094734
The Shamrock Taphouse Held by the female mannequin in the break room, standing on the coffee table. Includes the spotlight hacking source code. 00094735
Wildwood cemetery In the center of the cemetery, at the base of the tree Includes the turret hacking source code. 00094736