Toxic Valley

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Toxic Valley
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Toxic Valley is a region in Fallout 76.

Background[edit | edit source]

The region known to survivors as "Toxic Valley" is covered by industrial white powder and polluted water sources. The lake and other deadly waters of the Toxic Valley region are home to all manner of mutated, aquatic beasts. Above the fetid lake, Grafton Steel Mill was the center of economic development for the town of Grafton, and its large, industrial machines remain relatively intact. Grafton was built on the shores of the Tygart Valley River. It was a hub for shipping prior to the Great War, thanks to having both water and railroad access. Now it seems deserted and inhospitable. Straddling the boundary between Toxic Valley and the Forest is Grafton Dam. Built to provide power to the Steel Mill, the dam is now filled with the polluted waters of Toxic Valley.

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Toxic Valley is a region of Fallout 76