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Tricorn hat

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Tricorn Hat
EffectsCharisma +1
VariantsMinutemen general's hat
Pirate hat Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.png
The Captain's Hat Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.png
Editor IDClothesHancocksHat
Base ID00116808

Tricorn hat is an headgear-type item in Fallout 4.


The tricorne or tricorn is a style of hat that was popular during the 18th century, falling out of style by 1800, though actually not called a "tricorne" until the mid 1800s. During the 18th century hats of this general style were referred to as "cocked hats." At the peak of its popularity, the tricorne varied greatly in style and size, and was worn not only by the aristocracy, but also as common civilian dress, and as part of military and naval uniforms.[1]

This particular tricorne was the property of the John Hancock. It made its way into a display at the Old State House along with his frock coat where it stayed for the next two hundred years. It was after a chem induced blackout that Hancock awoke and donned the outfit. Taking its famous owner's name and persona as his own.[2]


Typically made from animal fiber, the more expensive being of beaver-hair felt and the less expensive of wool felt, the hat's most distinguishing characteristic was that three sides of the brim were turned up (cocked) and either pinned, laced or buttoned in place to form a triangle around the crown. The style served two purposes: first, it allowed stylish gentlemen to show off the most current fashions of their wigs, and thus their social status; and secondly, the cocked hat, with its folded brim, was much smaller than other hats and therefore could be more easily tucked under an arm when going inside a building, where social etiquette dictated that a gentleman remove his hat. Tricornes with laced sides could have the laces loosened and the sides dropped down to provide better protection from the weather, sun and rain.[1]

This particular tricorne is well worn, surviving four hundred years. It is dirty and secured near the points rather than in the middle.

This item provides the following: Charisma +1.


This item has the following modification slots: None.



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