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Turret terminal (Fallout 4)

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This page contains the transcript for the generic turret control commands used on terminals throughout Fallout 4.

>Turret Control[edit | edit source]

> Turret Control[edit | edit source]


Standardized Turret Control Firmware v8.13
<Token.ValueInt=TurretsConnected> Units Connected.
ADMIN: <Token.Name=TurretFaction>

Please exercise caution. Always assume that turrets are loaded and capable of live-fire.

Please choose an option:


> Accessing Turret Functions...

Deactivate[edit | edit source]

Note: Accessing this command deactivates the turret(s) connected.


> Shutting Down

Activate[edit | edit source]

Note: Accessing this command activates the turret(s) connected.


> Activating

About your Defense System[edit | edit source]


Turret operation should be limited to trained professionals only.

Consumer commands are limited to activation/deactivation of the turret(s) hardlined to this terminal. For all other operations, please refer to a licensed technician.

Any tampering will void warranty and indemnify the manufacturer against potenial injury and/or death caused to users or passers-by.


> Loading Terms of Usage...

System Diagnostics[edit | edit source]


System Diagnostics: <Token.ValueInt=TurretsConnected> Turrets Linked