U.S. Covert Operations Manual

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U.S. Covert Operations Manual
UsCovertOps WD.png
Editor IDPerkMagUSCovertOperationsManual01 to PerkMagUSCovertOperationsManual10
Base ID0008e737 (issue 1)

0008e738 (issue 2)
0008e739 (issue 3)
0008e73a (issue 4)
0008e73b (issue 5)
0008e73c (issue 6)
0008e73d (issue 7)
0008e73e (issue 8)
0008e73f (issue 9)

0008e740 (issue 10)

The U.S. Covert Operations Manual is a magazine in Fallout 4.


Produced and issued by the Department of the Army to train its soldiers in the art of subterfuge, there are ten issues in total of the covert operations manuals and each issue found adds a rank to the Covert Operations perk, which slightly reduces the chances of being detected while sneaking.


Closest location marker Location description Issue
Federal ration stockpile In Red Tourette's quarters, on the desk in the middle of her room.
UsCovertOps FF.png
Federal surveillance center K-21B On the console beside the mainframe terminal on the lowest story
UsCovertOps NTS.png
Fort Hagen command center On the bedside table of a basement room just past the armory.
UsCovertOps SFSD.png
Fort Strong armory On the desk of the General's room, of the first floor.
UsCovertOps WGT.png
Libertalia On the small metal table next to a red chair, on the exposed outlook, on the last floor before the entrance to the captain's cabin.
UsCovertOps BBB.png
National Guard barracks On a table inside the mess hall.
UsCovertOps GDC.png
Revere satellite array Located on the cat walk of the central satellite dish, found on top of a small table.
UsCovertOps LBB.png
Super-Duper Mart
or The Switchboard
In the sewers below the Slocum's Donuts one block over. Accessed through the Railroad quest line.
UsCovertOps WD.png
USAF satellite station Olivia Inside the Intel Room, on the center tables.
UsCovertOps TTT.png
U.S.S. Constitution Inside Captain Ironside's quarters on the third floor of the ship's hold.
UsCovertOps UC.png



Although each installment of this military manual adds a rank to the Covert Operations perk, the Fallout 4 loading screen hints incorrectly describe it as the "Infiltration" perk.[1]

Behind the scenes

The title of issue 4 "Not the Soldiers You're Looking For" is a cultural reference to Star Wars.


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Each installment of the US Covert Ops Training Manual you collect adds a rank in the Infiltration perk, which grants a slight increase to your sneak chance."