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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see before you Uthern, leader of the Super Mutants.}
{101}{}{Normie! How dare you enter the confines of your betters?}
{103}{}{Scum like you could never be better than humans!}
{104}{}{Die Mutie!!}
{105}{}{Really? You claim yourself better, but what proof do you have?}
{106}{}{If you consider yourself one better than the rest, you run into the fallacy of over generalization.}
{107}{}{It's a wonder your race survived as long as it has. I will start with you in the cleansing.}
{108}{}{You only prove my point by using inane comments as such. I personally would not wish you in my sight, but my master would have words with you.}
{109}{}{Show me your master.}
{110}{}{Try these words -- Drop dead!}
{111}{}{Surely one of your intellect can see that such things will solve nothing.}
{112}{}{With pleasure.}
{113}{}{Are you claiming that talk will solve nothing? You are more foolish than I thought.}
{114}{}{Though you are foolish, I was referring to your manner of delivering words.}
{115}{}{Ah, the fool finally realizes something.}
{116}{}{Words will only do so much. This will solve more.}
{117}{}{I begin to think you may have a bit of superior blood in you yet. Let me find out for certain.}
{118}{}{He does indeed, for death shall be your saving grace.}
{119}{}{The simplest of proofs for you. I am smarter, stronger, and quicker than you are. Would you care for a test of my skills?}
{120}{}{No, thanks. I believe you.}
{121}{}{You forgot arrogant, stupid and ugly.}
{122}{}{Sure. Let's see what you can do.}
{123}{}{Good. Would you like a chance at gaining greater powers?}
{124}{}{You bet!}
{125}{}{No way!}
{126}{}{I'm not sure about this.}
{128}{}{Then i will take you to my master.}
{129}{}{It almost seems a pity. No matter, this won't take long.}
{130}{}{Offered all the power in the world and still frightened. I will help you with your decision.}
{131}{}{Comments such as those only prove how much more intelligent i am than you. Now, you shall pay for your insolence!}
{132}{}{Do you accept credit cards, or only caps?}
{134}{}{Sorry, I'm a little low on caps right now. Can I get a raincheck?}
{135}{}{What? I think I can generalize this much -- you are coming with me now.}
{136}{}{How nice to see you again. I was told that you were roaming around here. I have orders to bring you in.}